Zombiotik Has Almost Reached Its Goal on Kickstarter

April 15, 2019
Zombiotik Has Almost Reached Its Goal on Kickstarter

Zombiotik is a 3D local multiplayer video game based on tag and created by Totema Studio. It can be played by up to 8 players simultaneously. Zombiotik offers a quick and exciting experience to all levels of gamers with its simple controls and mechanics.

The guys from Totema Studio traveled 500 miles to present the game to more than a thousand amazing people at PAX East, Boston. The reception was incredible and a lot of games were played at 8 players. Someone even said it was the best game he saw at PAX and pledged $200 on their Kickstarter campaign right away.

Kickstarter campaign is almost done and approaching its goal. It was a very intense experience for their first campaign at Totema Studio.


•Local multiplayer: Up to 8 players simultaneously running all over the place.
•Multiple game modes: Survival, Time Attack, Coop and more!
•Amazing levels: Every map has something special.
•Unique story: Discover what really happened, what doomed mankind, attention to small details is key.
•Single player: you should definitely play with friends, but if you want to improve your skills, try to survive against the zombie horde.

Zombiotic will be available on Steam for PC, Linux, and Mac.

To help them reach the next milestone, visit their Kickstarter campaign.