Zombie Army 4 Campaign Mission “Terror Lab” Available Now

March 11, 2020
Zombie Army 4 Campaign Mission “Terror Lab” Available Now

Rebellion’s blood-curdling shooter Zombie Army 4: Dead War is all set to invoke its new three-part campaign, Hell Cult. The first mission, Terror Lab, was launched yesterday across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Players and their fellow deadhunters must infiltrate a strange laboratory, tear their way through zombified researchers, and solve the mystery of why the dead continue to rise.

Also the American Sea Captain Character, PPSH Submachine Gun Bundle, M1 Semi-auto Carbine Bundle, Molten Lava Weapon Skins and the Classic Boris Outfit are available. And the Undead Wood Horde Mission is free for everyone and available.

In addition, Rebellion has revealed all the content that’s coming in Zombie Army 4: Season 1 including new characters, weapon bundles, weapon skins and character outfits, as well as Parts 2 and 3 of the Hell Cult mini-campaign.

Finally, Rebellion will also release a new free mode, two free Horde Mode maps and an additional free difficulty level, all during Season 1.

The Zombie Army 4 Season 1 Pass offers access to all Season 1 content. It’s available to purchase now, and it’s also included in the Zombie Army 4: Super Deluxe Edition. Content is available to purchase individually

The roadmap is as it follows:

March 10

- Campaign Mission “Terror Lab”

- American Sea Captain

- PPSH Submachine Gun Bundle

- M1 Semi-auto Carbine Bundle

- Molten Lava Weapon Skins

- Classic Boris Outfit

- FREE Horde Map “Undead Wood”


April 2020

- Campaign Mission “Blood Count”

- Renegade Officer

- Bloodsoaked Weapon Skins

- Gas Mask Headgear Bundle

- Mortar Shotgun Bundle

May 2020

- Mission Pack #3

- Character Pack #3

- Character Skins #3

-  Weapon Pack #3

- Weapon Pack #9

- Weapon Skins #4


Summer 2020

- New FREE Mode

- New FREE Difficulty Level

- FREE Horde Map #2

- Weapon Pack #10

- Weapon Pack #11

- Weapon Skins #5

- Charms Pack #1