You Can Now Play Fallout: New Vegas After the End as Originally Intended

April 8, 2019
You Can Now Play Fallout: New Vegas After the End as Originally Intended

I always disliked being sent back to the title screens after the Hoover dam battle, it felt empty. Congratulations, you won, here’s a slideshow of what happened next, but you can’t actually experience any of that. Sure, there is the Continue After Games Ending (CAGE) mod, but it just puts you back without making a change to the world, so you still don’t experience the difference you made in the final battle and the choice you made leading up to it.

I think it’s pretty obvious that I have a lot of respect for modders and that they are the reason why I love PC gaming so much, so this one goes out to a modder called Kazopert. He made a mod that not only allows you to continue playing after the final battle, but the world also changes according to the choices you made.

It impacts the NPCs you will see after the dust is settled, the voice lines of the remaining NPCs and other small details around the world that have an impact on immersion. The creator's description is pretty spot on with what you can expect.

After two weeks, Hoover Dam is taken over by the respective faction and the fighting stops, the Kings will get eradicated by the Legion, if alive, the Brotherhood of Steel will take over Helios One and patrol the roads, and the Great Khans will evacuate their camp, taking everything with them. This is only a small portion of what can take place however, and there are a massive amount of things that change based on how you play.

An added bonus is the fact that this mod was built with compatibility in mind, so as long as a different mod doesn’t in any way change the games ending, it will work with FPGE.

Fallout: New Vegas was meant to allow you to continue playing in a world altered by the final battle. You were supposed to question your decisions and think about what will happen after the battle was fought, it was supposed to be a lot more impactful. Unfortunately, deadlines were coming up and a lot of content had to be cut. Keeping that in mind, I can only say ‘Thank You’ to Kazopert for bringing to fans a piece of what Obsidian had originally intended.

You can pick download the mod here and here's a few other mods you might be interested in.