Xbox's Project xCloud Public Preview Starts This October

September 25, 2019
Xbox's Project xCloud Public Preview Starts This October

Project xCloud, Xbox’s entry in the streaming market, is expanding its availability beyond Xbox employees to include gamers from the US, UK, and Korea too.

The October lunch of xCloud is still not the full program, instead, it is a preview that will have on offer a few selected games which will become available in phases.

The games that were selected for this preview are Gears 5, Halo 5: Guardians, Sea of Thieves, and Killer Instinct. The available games are all of varying scale, requirements, and online features, allowing the xCloud team to see how the platform behaves in as many situations.

Obviously, more games will be added with time, but this is just a preview to stress test xCloud and allow developers to gain important data and feedback, so that xCloud may be improved ahead of the official lunch.

There isn’t a set end date for the preview, instead it will run and be updated until Microsoft is happy with it and “customers are consistently reporting a great, fun experience”.

There are a few requirements for those that wish to register, to be more specific, a phone or tablet running Android 6.0 (or with Bluetooth 4.0 or better), a Bluetooth-enabled, Microsoft Xbox One controller (or maybe a rather unique controller), and the Microsoft Game Streaming App. Gamers in Korea are also limited to SK Telecom customers initially, but will eventually expand to other carriers too.

So, if you have everything needed for the xCloud preview, you can head over to the official website to register and find some more details.

Public preview is a critical phase in our multi-year ambition to deliver game streaming globally at the scale and quality of experience that the gaming community deserves and expects,” writes xCloud corporate vice president Kareem Choudhry.