Xbox as a Brand Is More Valuable Than Sony and Nintendo

June 20, 2019
Xbox as a Brand Is More Valuable Than Sony and Nintendo

PlayStation 4 dominated this console generation and the Switch is one of the fastest selling consoles ever, but Xbox seems to be the more valuable brand.

Even though the Xbox One didn’t really shine, according to BrandZ rankings compiled by WPP’s Kantar, it’s in the top 100 brands in the world. What is even more interesting is that Sony and Nintendo are nowhere to be seen on the list.

Microsoft is listed as the 4th most valuable brand in the world and Xbox is lower on the list at 87. Starting in 2006, the BrandZ rankings are annually put together and list the 100 most valuable brands based on “the value that brand contributes to businesses.” This value is calculated “by combining financial and market data with surveys of nearly 4m consumers in 51 countries.

There are no details or explanations for the rankings, so it’s understandable if you are skeptical. Some possible explanations for such a ranking might be the many subscription services, expanding to PC and the fact that they’re a lot more vocal about their next gen console (Even though nothing specific is being said).

The list should also be taken with a grain of salt due to controversies that brought into question their credibility. The lack of transparency and no clear definitions on which they base their claims bring to question their objectivity.

Source: Financial Times, Kantar Millward Brown