Xbox and Samsung Are Working on Cloud Gaming Together

February 12, 2020
Xbox and Samsung Are Working on Cloud Gaming Together

Samsung and Xbox are seemingly working together on a "premium cloud-based game streaming experience".

Samsung hosted an event during which David Park, Samsung Director of Strategy, shortly mentioned the cloud gaming platform they are working on with Xbox. He didn’t give any details about it, just that more will be shared at a later date.

Microsoft is already working on streaming games through xCloud, so the partnership is probably based around xCloud. CNET reached out to Microsoft concerning the topic, the partnership with Samsung was confirmed and they indeed are working on xCloud together, not a separate platform.

"We believe players around the world should have access to great, high-quality games on the device of their choice," a Microsoft spokesperson said. "Working with partners like Samsung is an important step in our Project xCloud journey and will help make game streaming more accessible for gamers. We look forward to sharing more later this year."

The idea behind xCloud is the same as any other streaming service, to let you play your games on any device. You can read more about xCloud in some of our other articles.