X-COM Inspired Phoenix Point Gets New Trailers Ahead of Launch

November 26, 2019
X-COM Inspired Phoenix Point Gets New Trailers Ahead of Launch

Phoenix Point, is a turn-based tactics and world-based strategy game, and a spiritual successor to the X-COM franchise, and will be released next week.

The spiritual successor has been stuck in development for a while and was delayed a couple of times, but it’s finally releasing next week. Now, ahead of the release we get to see four brand new trailers showing off the factions and setting the mood for next week.

Two years ago Snapshot Games launched a crowd-funding campaign to help develop and publish the Phoenix Point. It convinced backers and managed to raise $766,000. The original release date was late 2018, but it got delayed to June of 2019, then September, then November, and that brings us to the final release date that is next week, December 3rd.

The new trailers set the game's tone and show off the three factions in the Phoenix Point world

A recent message to backers explained that they’ve been focused on final polishing and getting ready for the launch. “Most of the work we’re doing now is balancing, polishing and bug-fixing, along with finalizing the cinematics, and getting the last few pieces of recorded dialogue added.

Once again, we want to extend our sincerest thanks to all of our backers, customers and fans who have been with us for this journey. We already have plans and ideas for exciting new content which we will be working on and releasing throughout 2020, but please continue to give us your feedback, as well.

Phoenix Point launches next week on Tuesday, December 3, on PC via the Epic Game Store and on Xbox Game Pass. The Xbox release is planned for Q1 2020, and the PlayStation 4 release will follow after it.