WizardCraft Colonies Announced, Now on Kickstarter

June 21, 2019
WizardCraft Colonies Announced, Now on Kickstarter

DoubleD Games has today announced WizardCraft Colonies, a top-down colony simulator. In it the players try to keep their colony alive while expanding their base.

When building a base in WizardCraft Colonies players must fulfil the many needs of the colony, this includes feeding them, keeping them warm/cool, keeping them happy, and of-course keeping them alive.

The player can control everything a peasant does in WizardCraft Colonies, from the time they sleep and work, to what potions and weapons they should carry.

It's also possible to set which different jobs each peasant should do. To expand your base you will need plenty of coin. There are many ways to earn it, you could either sell gathered resources, sell crops and fruit or raise cattle. In addition your peasants will pay a daily tax for living in your colony. Players can also manually control any peasant, equip a weapon, and then visit new random generated lands and conquer them.

There are currently 4 different biomes in WizardCraft Colonies each with their own difficulties, Grasslands, Swamp, Desert and Volcanic. When you start a new map in WizardCraft Colonies it is randomly generated and split into 9 different regions which each have their own level caps and monsters.

If it sounds interesting, you can head over to KickStarter to support it.