Will Google Reveal a New Gaming Console in March?

February 20, 2019
Will Google Reveal a New Gaming Console in March?

Tech giant Google started sending out invites to a Google Keynote event at GDC happening on March 19, 2019. in San Francisco. In the invite, Google announced that "all will be revealed" at this event.

It is not clear how to interpret the message, but considering the rumors and anonymous sources media is talking about for the past few years, this announcement could mean that Google will reveal their game console everybody is talking about.

Jason Schreier - Twitter

"A report from eight months ago suggested that Google has invested a lot of resources into some sort of gaming hardware. The anonymous sources with knowledge of Google’s plans even revealed that this console could potentially be a big rival to Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox", according to Gamerant.

It can be deducted, from all the information available, that this new Google's console will have streaming incorporated. Google has already been working on game streaming technology - Project Yeti, streaming service the company announced last year, which was launched as a beta test Project Stream. The game that was played on Project Stream, in a Google Chrome browser, was Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

Google is not the only giant working on streaming technology. Apple and Amazon are rumored to be developing their own streaming services and Microsoft announced their Project xCloud last year.