White Nights Conference in Amsterdam - The Biggest Gaming Industry B2B Event in Europe

January 18, 2020
White Nights Conference in Amsterdam - The Biggest Gaming Industry B2B Event in Europe

Right at the beginning of 2020, after PAX South, there is another conference held in Amsterdam everyone in the gaming industry should attend. We are talking about the White Nights Conference.

The White Nights Conference, powered by WN Media Group, is an international cross-platform conference and one of the leading B2B events in the gaming industry in Europe. It’s taking place three times a year and more than 4,000 influential gaming industry professionals from Europe, Russia, Asia and the US are getting together.

The first White Nights Conference of this year will be held on January 23-24, 2020 in Amsterdam and it will feature Developer Exhibition, Deconstruction Workshop, Publisher Pavillion, three tracks of lecturers, and two networking parties (pre-party a day before the event, and the main all-night-long party).


During the two days of the conference, representatives of different companies will have their lectures in three different halls, Blue, Green and Purple Hall. There are many huge companies participating this year. On the first day you’ll get a chance to attend lectures from Square Enix, Facebook, Playrix, Snapchat, Wargaming, Google, FunPlus… On the second day you can attend lectures from Paradox Interactive, EA Dice, Tik Tok, 9gag, APPTUTTi, Nintendo, and many more. You can see the full program on White Nights Conference website.

We wanted to point out a few lectures that we think will be interesting to you. On the first day in Green Hall, Pedro Rodrigues, Head of EMEA Games Partnerships at Snapchat, talks about “Snap, Empowering a New Generation of Social Games”. On the same day in Purple Hall, there is also a lecture from Kamila Shaidullina, Gaming Account Manager at Google, that will give you the insight to “Benefiting From Seasonality in Gaming”.

The topic that might interest publishers the most is “Everything You Need to Know About Publishing in China” presented by Aaron Denford, Marketing Manager at APPTUTTi:

“It will begin with the overview of the Chinese mobile market, the incredible size and potential for monetization in this market, the increasing number of female mobile gamers, and the 2/3 player base demographic of 18-25 years old. After that, the obstacles to publication in China, the regulations, localizations, and fragmentation of the Android mobile market will be covered, focusing on indie game developers and what channels are available to them for releasing their game into the world.”

Each major conference features the Developer Exhibition as a part of the White Nights Developers Support Program where more than 100 developer teams will get to showcase their best projects. Some of the games from the Developer Exhibition will be deconstructed by the gaming industry experts in front of the audience as a part of the Deconstruction Workshop in the Blue Hall. The experts will share their opinion of the game design, monetization, visuals and UI, after which the committee will announce the winners, while the audience will be able to take part in the discussion and select the team to receive the Audience Choice Award.

They are also going to hold an exclusive event, White Nights CEO Summit,12 for top managers and the C-level executives from the gaming industry only on April 27-28, 2020 in Barcelona, Spain.