What the Brazil Games Delegation Is Bringing to gamescom 2019

August 6, 2019
What the Brazil Games Delegation Is Bringing to gamescom 2019

Brazil Games is coming to gamescom for the third time with a variety of creative and stunning games, offering hands-on upcoming indie gems and previews.

Brazil Games will be highlighting Arida, Backland’s Awakening, a historical survival and adventure game set in the Brazilian backlands of the nineteenth century, Dandy Ace, the new Rogue-lite action title filled with magic from the award winning studio Mad Mimic Interactive, and the horror sci-fi action RPG Dolmen.

Brazil Games will have the demos available for the following games:

Arida: Backland’s Awakening, by Southbox Game Studio and Aoca Game Lab
Dandy Ace, by Mad Mimic Interactive
Dolmen, by Massive Work Studio
Trial of Titans, by Oktagon Games
IIN, by Epopeia

Brazil Games will be located in the hall 3.2 of the Kölnmesse, booth F059 from Tuesday, August 20 to Thursday, August 22.

Arida - South Box and Aoca Game Lab (PC, August 15. 2019)

Face the effects of drought in this historical survival and adventure game.

Join Cícera to live a journey of survival and adventure in the Brazilian backlands of the nineteenth century. Gather resources, build tools, learn to survive and interact with other characters. Be strong, have the faith and wisdom needed to explore the drought-stricken regions and find out more about her destiny.

Dandy Ace - Mad Mimic Interactive (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, Q3 2020)

Explore an over the top Rogue-lite action game filled with magic and illusions.

Play with Dandy Ace, the amazing magician, and survive the challenges of the extravagant, lavish and ever-changing palace created to defeat him, filled with bizarre creatures and outrageous bosses. Find all precious cards, gather shards and gold, and get help from other imprisoned magicians that now work as shopkeepers or in other jobs.

Dolmen - Massive Work Studio (PS4, XBOX and PC, Q2 2020)

Take the very last chance to preview this horror sci-fi action RPG before its launch.

Dolmen is a new sci-fi soulsborne action RPG inspired by the famous works of H.R. Geiger and H.P. Lovecraft. Fans of Dead Space and Dark Souls will find much to love on Dolmen’s unforgiving alien planet of Revion Prime.

Trial Of Titans - Oktagon Games (iOS and Android, Q2 2020)

Embark on this jam-packed 2D adventure for mobile platforms and awake the Titan.

Trial of Titans is a Free-to-Play turn-based strategy mobile game that puts players in control of mighty Titans and their battalions. The game focuses on team synergy in order to overcome PVE challenges, presented through different stories and role-playing elements.

IIN - Epopeia (Available on PC)

Challenge your brain and dexterity in this physics-driven puzzle game.

IIN is a mysterious yet calming experience that soothes your soul and challenges your mind in a minimalist physics-driven puzzle world.