We Were Here Series Is Coming to Xbox One Later This Year

May 2, 2019
We Were Here Series Is Coming to Xbox One Later This Year

Total Mayhem Games announced that their cooperative puzzle games We Were Here and We Were Here Too will be released on Xbox One this year.

A great cooperative puzzle adventure is coming soon to Xbox One with We Were Here and sequel We Were Here Too. You and your coop partner are Antarctic explorers who find themselves trapped in a mysterious castle, split up with only walkie-talkies and your wits. Carefully observe your new prison and communicate clearly to figure out how to escape. It's a worthy note that the games are playable in any order, while still being connected. 

Project Lead Lucia de Visser commented: “The team at Total Mayhem Games have always been Xbox fans, so bringing our We Were Here games to Xbox One has been a longtime dream of ours. We can’t wait to see how a whole new audience react to the puzzles and mysteries of Castle Rock.

The current development of the series is not just restricted to the upcoming Xbox One versions. Total Mayhem Games is also currently working on their third title We Were Here Together, which is also expected to be released on PC later this year.