We Got Our First Look at the Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Logo

April 10, 2019
We Got Our First Look at the Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Logo
Image source: Screenshot of EA official website

We are days away from our first look at Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order with an official reveal planned for Star Wars Celebration. The Star Wars Celebration panel will take place on April 13th, and in preparation of the big event, EA has updated the official website with a new look at the game's logo and dropped a little tease on social media.

The logo puts a heavy emphasis on the word "Jedi," since you will be playing as one of the iconic warrior-monks. This is one of the few details we know about Jedi Fallen Order, you will actually play as a Padawan who survived the Emperor's purge that takes place during Revenge of the Sith. For those not familiar with the franchise, a Padawan is a Jedi in training.

We also got a little tease from the EA Star Wars Twitter account that dropped a 7-second video, which appears to show a damaged lightsaber with the caption on the post saying "Don't stand out." This is a reference to the story in which the remaining Jedi have gone into hiding after the Emperor’s purge. This game will be set in a dark time for the galaxy, as the Emperor consolidates his power and hunts down the few remaining Jedi. We have no information about the protagonist’s name or anything else for that matter, so it's very hard to guess how this new story will tie into the main narrative of the saga.

Respawn's Star Wars game is one of the last remaining Star Wars games in production, after EA canceled numerous Star Wars related projects. Fans hope EA won’t meddle in the development of this game and the company might even consider doing this especially after Respawn’s surprise-hit, Apex Legends.