Wargaming and Frag Lab Announce Development of New MMO FPS

March 14, 2019
Wargaming and Frag Lab Announce Development of New MMO FPS
Image source: Frag Lab official Website

Wargaming and Frag Lab have announced the development of a new free-to-play shooter, built on Amazon Game Tech.

Frag Lab, which was established by the team behind Crysis, Battlefield 2 and Warface approached Wargaming with a game idea, and they loved it.

When Frag Lab approached us with their vision of what they wanted to develop, we felt that it perfectly matched our core values, and their passion was palpable,” states Shahzad Khan, Product Director, Wargaming. “We knew by combining their experience working on a successful shooter with our unrivaled free-to-play expertise, together we could bring this vision to life.

Having Wargaming as a publishing partner was the obvious choice for us; they have a great wealth of experience in delivering successful titles to players worldwide,” states Maxim Dembik, Frag Lab CEO. “We started this ambitious project from scratch with nothing but our collective knowledge, and this gave us the opportunity to choose any technology we wanted. We’re always looking to embrace new tech and we’re glad we did: Amazon Lumberyard is the perfect fit for our vision.

The game will be using Amazon Game Techs Lumberyard game engine and multiple other services for multiplayer, routing, storage and more.

Amazon is obsessed with helping game developers be successful at every stage of development, and we’re excited to work with Wargaming and Frag Lab as they build, scale, and operate this new project globally,” said Brian Taptich, Vice President, Amazon Game Tech. “Wargaming and Frag Lab are known for high-fidelity, low-latency multiplayer games that are insanely fun, and we can’t wait to see what they build using Amazon Game Tech.

A public announcement which will go into detail about the entire product is expected later this year.

For now, we know that the team is confident and ambitious in their aim to create a ground-breaking FPS title. They hope to deliver a brand-new, next-gen experience to fans.