Walmart Changes One Detail on the Outer Worlds Key Cover Art

October 29, 2019
Walmart Changes One Detail on the Outer Worlds Key Cover Art

It seems that Walmart has decided to change the Outer Worlds' key art a little bit.

One Reddit user posted on Reddit an image of the Outer Worlds' cover art in Walmart that appears to be censored. The cover is supposed to show a player holding the shrink ray gun, their hand on top of their head and in full spacesuit, while one character is waving at them.

However, in this particular store, the cover art is changed in the way that the shrink ray gun is covered with the Spacer’s Choice Logo, the winking moon. This differs from the marketing materials you can find in other key stores, such as GameStop and Target, which use the full key artwork as it is.

This might be happening because, back in August, as Business Insider reported, Walmart issued a corporate memo, in which it instructs its employees to remove any signs or displays that contain violent images or aggressive behavior. They should use their “best judgment when determining whether an element is appropriate."

Some of the actions mentioned in the memo are turning off any violent video game displays, canceling events that promote combat or shooter games and turning off hunting season videos. 

This was Walmart's reaction to two shootings that happened in its stores in which more than 20 people died. Both shootings happened in a very short period of time this summer. 

There is no information yet if the Outer Worlds' art is censored by Walmart in all its stores, or the cover is censored by the local employee in the store visited by the Reddit user.