Video Game Releases Scheduled for Next Week (December 16 - December 22)

December 15, 2019
Video Game Releases Scheduled for Next Week (December 16 - December 22)

These are the most notable game releases for the following week that we here at GameBuz thought you might enjoy.

Demon Pit

Inspired by FPS classics of the 1990s, such as Quake, Quake II, Doom, and Blood, Demon Pit tests your reflexes against endless waves of the demon horde in a constantly changing arena. Your goal is a high score on the leaderboard, the price is your soul.

Release date: December 17. 2019
Platform: PS4

Demons with Shotguns

The ultimate couch fragger gibfest. Armed with a powerful boomstick and bullet deflecting shield, up to four players wage unholy war against each other as they compete for souls in nine different local multiplayer game modes (wave mode for 1-2 players also included) across four realms and 40 arenas.

Release date: December 17. 2019
Platform: PS4

Radial-G: Proteus

Three years after its initial launch, this new addition to the franchise is brought to the untethered Oculus Quest headset by indie VR games publisher Things3D. A huge hit on previous VR platforms including Rift, PSVR and Vive, Tammeka Games’ all-new version of Radial-G delivers the Oculus Quest’s first hardcore, premium racing experience.

Release date: December 17. 2019
Platform: Oculus Quest

Driven Out

You play the role of a common farmer forced from the comforts of your home into a dangerous world in upheaval. Your task is to fight against fantastical creatures that are numerous and varied as you progress. Using clever tactics and wits you must learn the skills of a warrior and read the enemies behavior to prevail. Luckily, to aid you on your quest, you have discovered a magical device to clone yourself, should you perish.

Release date: December 18. 2019
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Regions of Ruin

Regions of Ruin is a 2D pixel side-scrolling RPG with town-building, where you explore, fight and build into an open world that progressively challenges you and your settlement, and threatens the extinction of the dwarven race.

Release date: December 19. (PS4), December 23. (Switch), TBA (Xbox One) 2019
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Switch