Vicious Circle - an Uncooperative Multiplayer Shooter

May 24, 2019
Vicious Circle - an Uncooperative Multiplayer Shooter

Rooster Teeth has released the first screenshots from Vicious Circle, the fast-paced uncooperative multiplayer shooter that is sure to ruin friendships.

A new IP developed by Rooster Teeth Games, Vicious Circle has four mercenaries compete for loot against a terrifying monster (and each other) in a comic-inspired sci-fi universe drawn with colorful visuals and a retro-future art style.


Michael Hadwin, Head of Game Development at Rooster Teeth, commented:

“Our goal with Vicious Circle is to create something incredibly addicting and fun while staying true to Rooster Teeth’s sense of humor our fans have come to expect.”


Each round, one player is selected to become a massive, unstoppable creature with one simple goal: kill all four mercenaries. The mercs can be a formidable force when working together, so divide and conquer, using your enhanced senses and powerful abilities to scatter foes in a panic, hunt them down and pick them off one by one until no one’s left alive.

You can team up with rival mercs to survive, but only the player with the most loot wins. And that means playing dirty every chance you get. Use your gadgets and the environment to mess with your adversaries: lock doors to slow them down, trap them in rooms with the monster, and suck loot out from under them. Will you combine forces against the monster hunting you all down, or sneak away to gain the upper hand while everyone else is busy?


It’s expected to release later this year, but if you are impatient and can’t wait to get your hands on it, it will be playable at RTX 2019 in Austin, Texas, from July 5 to July 7.