Verizon Is Working on a Gaming Streaming Platform for Mobile

January 14, 2019
Verizon Is Working on a Gaming Streaming Platform for Mobile

According to The Verge, Verizon is starting to work on their own cloud gaming platform - Verizon Gaming, and in the future, it will target Android smartphones. Verizon is currently available on the Nvidia Shield set-top box, but the reports said that Verizon is working on their own program to stream games to the Nvidia Shield TV.

The Shield TV is an Android-powered set-top streaming box and as it is supporting cloud-based game streaming, Verizon's program is included in beta testing. The end product will be for mobile platforms and Android testers will be able to download it on Google Play later this month, The Verge said. The first round of testing will end by the end of January.

Participants in testing over 135 games are given a free Nvidia Shield and Xbox One controller, and after finishing testing, they would get $150 Amazon gift card.

The Verge also got the information what Verizon wrote to beta testers: “At a later date, when we advance the product, our library will consist of most or all of the top games you are familiar with — but at this early stage we’re working on the engine and its parts”, as well as screenshots of the Verizon Gaming app and some of the titles it reportedly offers.

Among other benefits, 5G will have a great impact on cloud gaming. Google and NVIDIA already have platforms, such as Project Stream and NVIDIA GeForce Now, and there are rumors that Amazon is working on its own.