Valve’s Index VR Is out of Stock Thanks to Half-Life: Alyx

January 16, 2020
Valve’s Index VR Is out of Stock Thanks to Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life games always shook up the gaming industry with new ideas, and it seems Half-Life: Alyx is already doing that, Valve is all out of Index VR headsets.

The releases of Half-Life always brought something new to the gaming industry and pointed it in a new direction. Half-Life: Alyx isn’t even released yet and it seems to be doing that successfully. If you try to order an Index VR, you’ll be asked to enter your email so that they can notify you when they’re back in stock.

The Index VR comes in a few different packages, you can get the full package that comes with the headset, controllers, and base stations, the same package without the stations, or everything separately, the prices range from $280 to $1000, and every single option is sold out.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering Valve straight up said, if you want the best possible experience for the first new Half-Life game in 13 years you should get our VR headset. You can play it on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, even Windows Mixed Reality, but if you want to enjoy things such as finger-tracking, you’ll need the Index.

This was noticed by Road to VR and a Valve spokesperson talking to them said, “We are working hard to build more units and meet the high demand. We are targeting to be back in stock before Half-Life: Alyx ships.

If Half-Life: Alyx is as good as we all hope it will be, demand is sure to grow even further.