Valve Introduced Fully Customizable News Hub on Steam

March 6, 2020
Valve Introduced Fully Customizable News Hub on Steam
Image Source: Steam's Official Facebook Page

Valve has released a new feature for Steam. It is a completely customizable News Hub, and it is a Steam Labs experiment for now.

Valve keeps experimenting with new features for Steam, and now it has released a News Hub. It is a news feed that is completely customizable and that gives the user news of events, live streams, content updates, etc.

It uses the user’s Steam library, and gives them relevant news. The users can change what content it shows to them, for example to show them news and updates related only to the games in their library. Also, the users can choose to mute news and updates for some games, even if they're part of their library. 

By default, it shows everything related to their games or the recommended ones, then the ones they wishlisted, following, and news about Steam. It also shows relevant live events.

You can check out Steam’s News Hub here.