Useful In-Game Social Features Every Mobile User Appreciates

March 9, 2019
Useful In-Game Social Features Every Mobile User Appreciates

Since socializing over the internet got so popular worldwide it’s hard to imagine one person without any social account. Even the elderly are using the internet to socialize. With such an impact social media has built through the years it’s no wonder to see it expand inside the world of mobile gaming.

From a gamers perspective, I think it’s very useful to have different social features in the game. It gives you the option to connect with people who have similar interests and you don’t have to leave the game to do it, so the game by itself benefits from that.

If you are interested in what social features we at GameBuz, mobile games news site, have selected as the most impactful ones, be sure to scroll down for more information.


Facebook and other social media integration


We have already established that everyone has some kind of social media account. Having access to all your accounts through the game can be very beneficial. If you take into consideration that you might not have existing friend base in-game, you will always be able to find a huge amount of players that have already created their own social network that you can join.

Communication between players is so much easier when you have the option to chat inside the game. Also, you can get potentially get good recommendations from them since you already have this one interest in common.

Not to mention the marketing and further sharing of your experience. It is made no harder than one click of the button and you can hopefully attract your own friends to accompany you.


Friend points


Another useful thing that more and more developers started to incorporate in their games are friend points. You can send invitations to your friends in order to gain some kind of reward. It’s pretty simple, the only downside is that you can annoy someone with constant invitations.

This feature is appreciated, but only if the rewards are actually worthy enough to harass your friends. Extra lives, energy, in-game currency, free advancement to another level are just a few examples of rewards that can be useful if you get stuck in the game.




Gifting is somewhat similar to friend points, only the rewards can go both ways. You can be gifted something for helping a friend in need. This proved to be very helpful since you can request an item you need and gift someone the item they need in return.

This feature is something that makes the difficult parts of the game run more smoothly, and having this option in the game is sure to attract more players towards it.


Social leaderboards


Something that makes a lot of games more interesting and competitive is social leaderboards. Not every player will be interested in ranking but when you add some special rewards to it you are sure to attract the majority of the users.

Aside from the main leaderboard that usually ranks players worldwide, you can often find that games have a regional leaderboard. Unsurprisingly people seem to get highly competitive, especially if the reward pays off for the time you spent trying to get the higher rank.




Just like everything else mentioned above, events bring you prizes as well. The difference is that events are scheduled for a certain date so you have to organize the time when you will be playing.

Events can be really enjoyable since they usually shake things up in the stale gameplay. What’s more exciting about special events, they usually give you the chance to win some special items that are limited to that event only and can’t be acquired otherwise.

All of these features proved to be very useful, for developers as much as for the players. Players provide free marketing for the developers and in exchange get a wide variety of rewards that make the game more engaging. With social network growing more and more every day, more games are surely going to include these features and therefore expand their fanbase.