Unity Is the Next Company to Cancel Attendance at GDC

February 28, 2020
Unity Is the Next Company to Cancel Attendance at GDC

Unity announced that they will not be attending GDC 2020 due to concerns over the coronavirus, joining a long list of companies that did the same.

On their official blog, Unity released a statement explaining that over concerns for the health of their employees, they will not be present at GDC this year. They have also advised all of their employees to not go to GDC.

Unity always has pretty big updates to the game engine they announce during GDC, so even though they will not attend GDC, an online event is planned. More details about this online event are to be announced.

"While we did not make this decision lightly, the current conditions with COVID-19 present too much risk," the company wrote. "We take our employees' wellbeing very seriously. We do not want any Unity employee or partner to compromise their health and safety unnecessarily."

On the topic of the virus, San Francisco declared a state of emergency to prepare for the virus. There are no confirmed cases in San Francisco at the time of writing this article. GDC has also released a statement reassuring everyone that additional safety measures are being taken and the conference will continue as planned.

So far, Sony, Facebook, Kojima Productions, EA, Epic, Microsoft, PUBG Corp, and CD Projekt have canceled their attendance at GDC and/or PAX East.