Tsugi Releases Gamesynth 2020.1 With Massive Update

June 4, 2020
Tsugi Releases Gamesynth 2020.1 With Massive Update

In one single tool, GameSynth offers powerful yet intuitive synthesizers to generate all the sound effects needed in games and animations: impacts, whooshes, footsteps, engines, particle-based and environmental sounds, voice effects and more.

GameSynth trademark features include the Sketch Pad to draw sounds (with support for drawing tablets), the automatic generation of sound variations, the ability to import animation curves (for perfectly synchronizing sounds), the quick and easy export to game middleware, and access to an online repository hosting the largest collection of procedural audio patches.

GameSynth also provides a modular patching system, allowing users to build their own sound effects synthesizers. This is the focus of version 2020.1, which now offers a total of 110 modules that can be connected to design any sound an artist can imagine.

Many of the modules have been improved, and 35 totally new ones have been introduced in this version. They include game-oriented generators for the creation of weapons, robots, creatures, and physics-based sound effects, as well as new oscillators, filters, effects and more. In addition, new features such as the real-time visualization of signals in wires and the integrated module documentation will make modular patching much faster and easier.

List of the new modules in GameSynth 2020.1:

• Weapons construction kit: Gunshot, Gun Foley, Bullet Casing
• Industrial components: Clang, Gear, Machine, Steam
• Creature modules: Animal, Gait
• Physics-based generators: Fracture, Impact, Flag
• New oscillators: Beam, Mega Saw, Noise Bands, Wavetable, DTMF
• New filters: Allpass, Comb, EQ and LMS filters
• New effects: Doppler, Limiter, Noise Gate, Spectral Delay, Transients
• Math functions: Arithmetic, Constant, Derivatives, Lerp, Mapper
• Control and logic modules: ADSR, Pattern, Retrigger, Tempo

The new version is available at the introductory price of US $270 (30% off, regular price $390) until the end of June, or as a free update for current users.