Top 5 Games You Must Try For Your Phone

January 22, 2019
Top 5 Games You Must Try For Your Phone

The past few years have been fully dedicated to really awesome mobile gaming news and endeavors as mobile games are literally taking the world by storm. With that in mind, we at GameBuz have decided to round up some of the biggest tech mobile game titles that you simply must try if you consider yourself to be a fan of mobile gaming.

Since we're a bunch of passionate mobile gamers, we're fully dedicated to supplying you with only the hottest mobile gaming news. With that in mind, let’s round up the top 5 games every mobile user needs to try.

These are top picks when it comes to top mobile games that really stand out from the rest of the crowd in our honest opinion. So, let's introduce you to our top choices.


1. Alto's Adventure

Do you like snowboarding? If your answer is yes, Alto's Adventure is exactly what you need. This is one of the best mobile games according to those with a special sense of adventure and sports all mixed into one action-packed game. It's never been more relaxing to try snowboarding at high speeds.

Simplicity is the key here. The player uses one-touch controls to guide the main character, Alto, as well as several other characters, down the mountain. The trick is to perform as many backflips as you possibly can and get those grinding edges and mid-air.

The majestic mountain scenery with the most outstanding transitions between day and night combined with an enchanting soundtrack simply make this phone game your absolute number one choice.


2. Hitman GO

Are you into tightly designed and smart puzzles that get more and more complicated as you advance? Well, if you are, Hitman GO is one of those must have android games, made just for you. It offers just enough of a challenge to make you think about it but while still being really fun.

It's a board-game that offers plenty of abstract violence. It doesn't look that much like an ordinary Hitman game but it does provide tons of fun in a very satisfying and meticulous way. If you're a true Hitman fan and a friend of puzzles and intuitive mobile phone games, we honestly believe that you'll enjoy this board version of one of the most famous assassination games.


3. Super Mario Run

Ah, Super Mario. There's hardly a person in this world who isn't aware of this character. It was one of the first games of our generation. Well, Super Mario Run is exactly what its name suggests: Mario runs all around but with one slight difference: this time, he runs on his own accord. By tapping your screen, you make Mario jump and collect coins on each level.

While this may sound a bit dull and way too simple, there's a certain amount of depth added to the basic Super Mario formula to make things a bit more interesting. If you're a fan of touchscreen platformers and a true Mario enthusiast who embarked on a neverending quest to perfect each level, you'll love playing this game.

Super Mario Run is definitely among the best RPG mobile games out there so get yours and start running and jumping.


4. The Witness

When you want to play a mobile game that literally surrounds you with puzzles and solitude on an isolated island, The Witness is the first mobile game that comes to mind. While it's a really simple game, it's also extremely complicated at the same time. Most of the puzzles are obvious so you'll be able to solve them without breaking a sweat.

While these obvious and easy puzzles are just laying around, other puzzles are extremely hard to find. They will confound and stymie you until you finally manage to dismantle them. As you advance, the grand design of the game will be laid out in front of you, making things even more interesting. If you like a good challenge and puzzles, The Witness is a game for you.


5. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Image source: HearthStone official website

The first thing that we can honestly say aside from Blizzard making some extra effort to streamline and make this game easier to pick and play, is that Hearthstone is endlessly addictive. While originally intended for PC users, Hearthstone was literally made for mobile devices. Build your own custom decks, challenge your friends and do so much more.

It's a simple but very effective card game and it will bring warmth into the hearts of all who love Blizzard games. On top of everything, it's fully free and it offers plenty of short gameplay where you can end a match within mere minutes. Hearthstone is everything you need in a mobile game.


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