Tivola Sells Majority Stake and Receives Cash Infusion

May 29, 2020
Tivola Sells Majority Stake and Receives Cash Infusion

As Tivola Publishing announced, Swedish games developer Three Gates has acquired the majority of shares in Tivola Games. Tivola Games is a spin-off from Tivola Publishing, which in the process becomes a holding company and will continue manage all old rights from the DVD, PC game and book business, while all mobile games development, rights and personnel will move to Tivola Games. The managing director of Tivola Games is Hendrik Peeters, who has previously lead Tivola Publishing.

The aim of the new collaboration is to drive the evolution of Tivola, which in its 25-year history has successfully transformed from a publisher of children's games for PC and console to a developer and publisher of mobile games for animal lovers. Tivola has been advised by industry veteran Harald Riegler who also has consulted the company over the course of a year.

Don Geyer, CEO of Three Gates, says, “We see significant synergies between the two organizations – our strengths complement each other perfectly. We look forward to working together building the portfolio of games and strengthening the brands

Tivola is currently developing two new games internally. The focus will continue to be on in-house development; but there will also be publishing projects with external partners. The team receives support from Matthew Wilson, investor and board member at Three Gates, and former shareholder and manager at Rovio who will primarily be responsible for joint projects between the two companies.