Tips and Tricks: Fortnite - The Ultimate 90s Guide

March 31, 2019
Tips and Tricks: Fortnite - The Ultimate 90s Guide

"Tips and Tricks: Fortnite" is a GameBuz weekly series of articles explaining every single detail you need to know about Fortnite. Take notes on the tips and tricks our twitch streamer (aiming to become a Fortnite pro) Nikola Vacić selflessly put together.


My Experience

Let me first explain what 90s are. They basically represent turning to your left or right by 90 degrees while building up one floor each time you make a turn. This is the fastest way to climb up and take the high ground, but it’s also a very difficult move to perform and learn how to do consistently.

I remember when I first heard about 90s. They seemed too complicated to learn. I didn’t understand how were people doing them. When watching others everything seemed like a big, messy blur. Nothing made any sense.

Then one day I decided to do the hard thing and start learning them because the move is very effective, plus 90s started being considered as a benchmark for determining whether a player is any good. I didn’t know how to practice them, so I began by just trying to mimic what others were doing. I kept failing and failing, but after putting a lot of time and effort into it, I eventually learned how to do them.

The way I learned 90s was very inefficient. Since I struggled to learn them myself, I want to make it a lot easier for others. I want to help you avoid all the trial and error I went through. I’ll be dissecting the move into a few core movements that when combined will not only teach you how to do 90s, but actually help you understand what you’re doing and which key things you need to pay attention to in order to do them consistently and reliably.


Basic 90s

The first step towards mastering 90s is getting used to turning and jumping while building up at the same time. Let’s start by practicing that movement, we’re going to keep it simple and use only walls and stairs for now.

The very first problem you’re going to run into is placing stairs above yourselves. The way you can fix that is by sticking to the left third of your stairs.


If you position yourself like that, you’re never going to place stairs above yourself. Even in its simplest form, I’m sure 90s will help you win some fights you would’ve otherwise lost. If you’re doing the basic 90s and your opponent isn’t, you’re going to be climbing faster than them, you’ll end up taking high ground, putting yourself in the best possible position.

Once you become comfortable with the movement, I want you to add floors into the mix. Now with floors added you’ll run into another problem, placing floors above your head. Just as you’ve finally learned how not to put stairs above your head, you start placing floors. Can’t be helped, it’s a process everybody goes through.

My tip for avoiding that happening is just to look down far enough so that the game can’t place a floor above you. Keep in mind that you can only do three 90s in a row because of jump fatigue. In case you’ve never heard of jump fatigue, it basically makes each consecutive jump shorter and shorter. After the third 90, you extend one ramp forward and continue.


90s Without Losing Momentum

When doing 90s, you’re probably jumping and hitting your wall, or turning only after you reach your wall, right? We want to avoid that as much as possible because as soon as you hit the wall, you lose all your momentum.

There are a few things you need to pay attention to in order to achieve that. Sprint using only the “W” key. Jump right after placing your walls and turning. After you jump place your floor and stairs.
Pay attention to your positioning as well. If you don’t stick to the left side of your stairs, you’ll end up putting stairs over you, and if you look too far up when you switch to your floor, you’ll end up having the floor above your head. There is a certain rhythm to it that you’ll need to get used to.

At first, it will feel very unnatural, but the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it, you’ll eventually get used to the rhythm, and your hands will be doing 90s for you. Try to imagine making circles with your mouse while cycling through your builds, that helped me become more consistent at it, and it might help you as well. Your goal will be to do three of these in a row. Once you can do that consistently, you’ve basically mastered 90s!


Using 90s in Fights

Let’s be honest, building higher and higher won’t eliminate your opponent, you need to actually get yourself in a position where you’re going to be most effective. That means that even if you’ve perfected your 90s, you’re still going to be losing your fights unless you use them properly.

In most fights, it’s going to be enough to do two to three 90s and then look for opportunities to shoot your opponent. If you focus too hard on 90-ing up, you’re either going to get dropped down and take a lot of fall damage or die from it. If they don’t break you down, you’re going to be so high up that you won’t be able to reliably hit your opponent which may result in your opponent eliminating you even though you have the high ground.

You want to be two to three floors above them so that your pump still does a lot of damage plus you can easily track them. The higher you are, the more difficult it is to track your opponent, and if you lose track of them, they can surprise you while you’re searching for them and eliminate you.

90s are even more powerful when used in combinations with other techniques such as ramp rushing and many others which I might explain in detail in my future posts.