Tips and Tricks: Fortnite - Simple Tricks That Will Help You Win More

May 12, 2019
Tips and Tricks: Fortnite - Simple Tricks That Will Help You Win More

"Tips and Tricks: Fortnite" is a GameBuz weekly series of articles explaining every single detail you need to know about Fortnite. Take notes on the tips and tricks our twitch streamer (aiming to become a Fortnite pro) Nikola Vacić selflessly put together.


How to Fly with a Quadcrusher

Quadcrushers are extremely useful when you’re stuck on the furthest side of the storm. It’s not always possible to run from it since a lot of the times the storm will be closing in faster than you can actually run. This is why vehicles are so important. In my opinion, quadcrusher is the most useful vehicle after the baller. Especially when you learn how to fly with it. Sure, you can just drive it on the ground and use its boost but you won’t be moving too fast that way, and you will be an easy target to anyone that hears it. And trust me everyone is going to hear you driving on the ground. That thing is LOUD. This is why I prefer to fly with it. You move faster when you’re flying, plus you’re making it much harder for your opponents to hit any shots on you.

Learning how to fly with quads reliably is going to save you in many games. I’ll try to explain how to do it as best as I can, but you have to understand that without practice you won’t be able to do it. Even if you understand how to do it, you’ll still need to get a feel for it yourself. I’m going to show you how it’s done and then explain what I’m actually doing.

Firstly, you need to place two ramps, this is the usual setup when you are getting ready to fly with a quad. Yes, you can use one ramp, or just start flying from some hill, but that is usually much more difficult. For learning purposes just start with two ramps. As soon as you fall off the edge of the ramp start holding “S” and your boost key which is usually “Spacebar”. The trick is to not use your boost fully while balancing your quad with “W” and “S” to be facing almost towards the sky.

You can see how much of the boost is left on the back of your quad. It gradually depletes the longer you hold your spacebar. You want to keep the balance of speed and height. You’ll eventually be able to fly over mountains with it and fly across the whole map extremely fast. Landing is very difficult. I don’t think anyone can land perfectly with a quad. This is because you gain too much momentum while flying so you can’t stop yourself easily, the only way to reliably stop is to either hit a wall or a tree on the way down. Also, be careful not to fly off the map using this technique, it can easily happen if you’re not careful.

Extra tip: If you go through a geyser with a quad, you can safely jump out of it no matter how far up you go. The geyser negates any fall damage that you would’ve otherwise taken.

How to be Faster with a Baller

Baller is the latest vehicle in Fortnite. You can’t get shot while in it, even though it has very low amount of hit points, it’s very useful from getting from one circle to the next without taking any damage. Since it has very low HP, you will want to learn how to move fast with it to minimize the chances of somebody destroying it.

Baller has a plunger and a boost that you can use. The way you speed yourself up is by hooking onto something and boosting at an approximately 90-degree angle from the object you are hooked on. Controlling the baller is much easier to learn than flying with a quad so you will get used to it a lot faster. The best way to explain this is by showing you.

How to Survive Early Game

People most commonly die in the early game. If they don’t find a gun on the start of the game they usually just give up. Yes, sometimes you can’t avoid these scenarios no matter how hard you try, but a lot of the times you actually have a way to survive, but you just don’t realize it. One way to lower your early game deaths is to stop landing on top of houses and gambling with chests. Go for loot that you can actually see.

There are many places around the map with a lot of floor loot. And if you want to land on a house, at least try to look through windows before you land to see if something useful spawned inside. Speaking of windows, you can actually take loot through them. The first places that come to mind are some houses in Mega Mall and Pleasant Park. You can literally land on a window and grab a gun while your opponents are trying to break the roof of the house for a chest. You can catch a lot of people off guard and eliminate them before they even get a gun.

Be mindful of your surroundings. You can break everything in this game and you get materials from doing so. One of the problems I had when I started playing Fortnite is not using the mats I get from breaking a roof or opening a chest. Because I didn’t have time to farm materials, I felt like I had none. But that’s not the case. Even 10 or 20 materials are sometimes enough to save you. If you land and don’t get a gun while your opponent gets one, you can still block his shots with your builds and search for your own gun. Trust me this will save a lot of your games, it doesn’t matter how many materials you have, what matters is how you use them.

Right-Hand Picking Angle

One of the most important things to pay attention to in Fortnite is the right-hand picking angle. As we all know Fortnite is a third person shooter. That means even if you’re behind a wall, you can see the person on the other side of it while they cannot see you. This becomes extremely useful because it enables you to see the exact position of your opponent and pre-aim your shot. The advantage of this mechanic is that your opponent sees only a very small portion of your character and your gun when you go for a shot. They will only be able to do a very small amount of damage to you while you can hit them for a lot.

There are way too many situations where you can use this mechanic to your advantage. Basically, every fight that you’re in you can potentially use this. The most common ways to use it is when you hide behind doors and walls. Keep in mind that you don’t actually need natural cover to use this technique. You can artificially create the right-hand angle advantage by editing your builds and positioning correctly. The most common way of doing this is with a window edit from inside your box. You just need to position yourself to the left side of the window you want to open, and your opponent won’t be able to see you while you can quickly pick and shoot instantly and potentially get away without taking any damage.

There is one more wall edit that is not used a lot but is actually very useful. You can edit the whole right side of your wall. If someone is hiding behind a door and is waiting for you with a right-hand angle, you can counter that with this edit. Since only the left side of your wall is left, you can easily hide behind it and get your own right-hand picking angle. If they decide to come out and rush you, you can just shoot them and re-edit your wall. Easy.

Thank you for reading all of my guides! I enjoy making these and I hope you enjoy reading and learning from them. See you next week!