Tips and Tricks: Fortnite - Retaking High Ground

May 5, 2019
Tips and Tricks: Fortnite - Retaking High Ground

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As we’ve established in previous guides, high ground is one of the most important things to have in Fortnite. People believe that when you have high ground it’s easier to aim and shoot at your opponent than it is for them to shoot you. I don’t fully agree with that. Yes, you look down on your opponent while they have to look up which is more awkward to do, but players have been getting better and better at it. You can hit each other just as hard no matter who is on high ground. The advantage that high ground brings you, in my opinion, is in the late game. When the circle is moving and the storm is pushing you, you need a lot less materials to keep your high ground than the people below you. They need to cover their heads and sides while you can just place floors and roofs and keep moving towards the next circle.

As with any scenario in Fortnite, there are lots of different techniques you can use to retake high ground. I’ll be demonstrating a few that I most commonly use, starting from the simplest ones up to the more advanced combinations.

Double Ramp & 90s

The most common way to retake high ground is by double ramping two to three floors and performing a couple of 90s right after it.

Even though you can climb up fast you don’t really have any protection. Your enemy will most likely shoot you at least once before you start doing 90s. What I recommend is placing a roof in between your double stairs, editing one side of it, placing your walls as if you’re about to 90 but instead of placing stairs, you’ll have to reset the roof edit and edit the opposite square which will allow you to 90 one more time. This technique is all about timing, once you learn it, it will be very easy to perform.

Reverse 90s

I wanted to talk about this technique the most because it is one of my absolute favorites. I don’t regret putting in the practice to master this one since it helped me win countless fights. As you’ve probably noticed most of the techniques for retaking high ground involve 90s. You can’t avoid them, they’re here to stay. If you still don’t understand how to do them properly, I suggest you brush up on your skills.

We start with double stairs again, but this time instead of simply 90ing up, we’re going to turn around, and jump off to the side while placing walls, catch ourselves with stairs and go into 90s. This is a fairly difficult move to master, but I’m telling you – it’s worth the time and effort needed to learn it. This technique alone will get you to the next level of build fighting and overall gameplay.

The first problem you will probably have is that you won’t be able to catch yourself with stairs. This is because you’re most likely not positioning yourself properly before you try to do the reverse 90. You need to be positioned on top of your second to the last ramp. If you’re positioned anywhere else, you’re going to be underneath your ramp when you place it and fall all the way down. As with any other move positioning is very important, so as long as you have it in mind, you will never fail in this way.

The second and the most common one is placing a wall in front of your face before you actually jump out to the side. This happens only because you try to do it too fast. Your movement needs to be very smooth, not too fast and not too slow. Again, once you understand the timing of everything, the movement is going to feel natural.

Now, once you’ve learned the basic technique, we can start adding a few more things to it. Even though this alone will help you a lot it doesn’t hurt to throw your opponent off a bit more with a few extra builds. We can place a roof in between our double ramp and a roof on the ramp above us. If we start the reverse 90s in this way, we’ll need to edit our roof before we jump to the side. This extra roof gives us protection and it can also confuse our opponent. The roof on the ramp above us can block our opponent if they are running up our ramp, or it will prevent them from ramping right over us.

Side Jump

Side jumps are as basic as double ramps nowadays. You jump to either left or right side of a roof/floor that’s directly above you, and you catch yourself with your own floor. You combine this with double stairs and a few 90s and you got a pretty decent technique that can get you high ground a lot of the times.

Yes, this is very simple and almost everyone knows how to do it, but my goal will be to show you how to improve this simple technique and make it even stronger. The first thing you can practice is landing on a ramp after the side jump. It’s more complicated than the regular side jump since you need to jump at the last moment from the most difficult position. This effectively lets you climb two floors instantly. Combine that with a few 90s and you have a really good technique.

Side jumps are very effective, but since they’re so commonly used some players have started expecting them. In order to protect yourself from these players and outmaneuver them, you can learn the final variation of the side jump. It’s a challenging technique that I also have trouble mastering, but it’s the most rewarding one to master. Instead of trying to write down what I’m doing I’d rather show you how it looks like first.

As you can see, it’s a complicated technique. That’s why I will try to break it down in a few simpler steps that you can practice individually. The first move that you need to practice until you’re fairly consistent at it is the improved version of the side jump, the one where you catch yourself on your ramp.

The next step I recommend practicing is placing a wall on top of your roof and side jumping. Do this as slow as you need to until you get used to the movement. Your goal should be to do this without stopping, without losing momentum.

Once you’re comfortable performing these steps you can move to the final one which will complete your technique. Everything that’s left is to place a floor with your roof, edit the floor and perform the rest of the steps in one fluid, beautiful motion.

Congratulations! If you’ve learned every technique I talked about, you won’t have trouble retaking high ground from any player! Even if you decide to practice only the simpler ones, I believe they will help you immensely, but don’t be afraid to try and learn the advanced ones. Trust me, once you learn the timing, the rhythm of any technique, they become second nature to you even if they seemed impossible to do at first.

If you have any problems learning any of the moves I talked about, feel free to leave a comment below, and I will make sure to help you as best as I can!