Tips and Tricks: Fortnite - Ramp Rushing

March 24, 2019
Tips and Tricks: Fortnite - Ramp Rushing

"Tips and Tricks: Fortnite" is a GameBuz weekly series of articles explaining every single detail you need to know about Fortnite. Take notes on the tips and tricks our twitch streamer (aiming to become a Fortnite pro) Nikola Vacić selflessly put together.

The thing you’ll most commonly come across while playing Fortnite is ramp rushing. The vast majority of fights you end up in will start with your opponent rushing you with ramps. It’s the most basic thing in Fortnite.

There’s a lot of different variations of this technique and a lot of ways to use them. I’ll try to cover most of them beginning from the very basic ramp rushes up to the more advanced types and explain why you should be trying to implement them in your games. I will also add a few easy-to-do tricks that will help advance your gameplay to the next level.


Basic Ramp Rushing

The first and very basic ramp rushing technique is the double ramp rush. There’s nothing special that you need to do here, just build stairs while moving your mouse left and right. This is a very easy to destroy structure, so if you decide to use it, be careful not to build too high up since you’ll only end up dying from fall damage.

Even though this is a weak structure, it can be used to your advantage. If you build high enough so that the enemy is tempted to shoot it out, you get the opportunity to shoot them while they’re too busy trying to break your stairs.


Single Fortified Ramp Rush

Next, we have the fortified ramp rush which includes a few more builds. You can fortify your stairs either by placing only walls behind your stairs or by protecting your stairs with both walls and floors. Placing only walls helps you push opponents that are above you, but you’re still vulnerable from below. If your opponent is below you, you will need to place floors as well so that they won’t be able to break it down easily.


Double Fortified Ramp Rush

You can also double it up! The advantage of using double ramps while reinforcing them is that your build is sturdier than the single fortified ramp rush, it takes a lot more time for your opponent to shoot you down. Same as the single ramp rush, you can choose to either fortify your ramps with only walls or with walls and floors. You can achieve the first options by just moving your mouse in a circular motion while switching between ramps and walls. The latter is much more difficult to learn but learning it pays off big time.

The way I do it is by placing my cursor in the middle of the two stairs and moving my mouse left-right very fast while cycling through ramps, floors and then walls. My way of building is not the only possible way to do it, so I encourage you to experiment and find your own style. Your opponents won’t be able to break you down, and you will have an easy time eliminating them from above.


Single vs. Double Ramp Rush

Don’t get scared thinking that you’ll need to spend hours learning the double ramp rush. In my opinion single ramp rushing can be much more effective if used correctly. Why? Let me explain.

Yes, the double ramp rush is harder to break, but you sacrifice visibility for it which is very important. When you use double ramps you’re forced to stay in the middle of your stairs while building; thus you end up not being able to see your opponent at all until you decide to stop building and look over the edge of your ramps.

Using the single ramp rush method, you can stick to the right side of your stairs, and you’ll be able to see your opponent without them seeing you. You’d be much better off building a single line of fortified stairs and always having the vision of your opponent than blindly building higher and higher.

If you ramp rush like this, you will be able to aim faster since you already know where your opponent is instead of peeking above your ramps and searching for them. Not to mention that using a single ramp rush method is much, much easier to perform than the double one. I’ve eliminated many, many players using this method, and I’m sure you will too.


Show-off Ramp Rushing

There are also over-the-top ramp rushes that, in my opinion, will never be necessary to use in an actual fight, they’re mainly used to show off your building skills. Plus they burn through your materials insanely fast. It costs 60+ materials to build a single floor. You don’t need to practice these if your goal is to improve at the game. Although you can still impress your friends with them :D