Tips and Tricks: Fortnite - Playing from a Box

April 28, 2019
Tips and Tricks: Fortnite - Playing from a Box

"Tips and Tricks: Fortnite" is a GameBuz weekly series of articles explaining every single detail you need to know about Fortnite. Take notes on the tips and tricks our twitch streamer (aiming to become a Fortnite pro) Nikola Vacić selflessly put together.


Being able to play from your box is incredibly useful. You’re protected from every side, so it’s much less likely that you will get third partied while you’re fighting. If your opponent is trying to get into your box they become very vulnerable to third parties, so their focus needs to be both on you and on protecting themselves which opens up a lot of room for mistakes.

Personally, I enjoy fighting from a box the most. I like mind games and there are so many that you can play with your opponent. They are very fast paced so you need to read your opponents moves and make your own based on split-second decisions. You need to be aware of which weapon they’re holding in their hands, different sound cues and their positioning compared to your box. I won’t be able to explain what to do in every single situation, but I will give you some tactics that will push your gameplay from your box to the next level.

Four-Square Edit

We’ve all come across those extremely aggressive players that keep pressuring us non-stop. Hitting our walls, spraying with SMG’s and they always somehow end up getting in our box and winning the shotgun fight. Although that kind of playstyle is very effective against someone who doesn’t know what to do against it, it’s also very risky because it leaves a lot of openings.

In order to counter that, we have to understand the characteristics of every type of wall. All of the walls have a different maximum HP and require a different amount of hits to be broken once they are fully built. However, since the pickaxe does 75 damage per hit all of them require two hits to be destroyed in the moment they are placed. Knowing this we can expect our opponents to swing twice at our wall. We can surprise them with a quick edit right after their first swing and make them hit the air on their second one while we’re ready to take an easy shot.


The most common way of editing a wall from a one by one is to open up a triangle shape on the side. This is a good edit but it’s not good for what we’re trying to accomplish. We’re trying to make our opponent swing their pickaxe at the air. If we make a triangle edit, they will still be able to hit our wall for the second time before we get to shoot them because the middle part of the wall doesn’t disappear.

This is why we use the four-square edit. It removes the middle part of the wall which will always make your opponent swing at air. Most of the people you will encounter won’t expect this and you will end up eliminating them without taking any damage. Keep in mind that this technique requires you to do the four-square edit very fast so you will have to get your editing speed to the point where you make that edit between your opponents first and second pickaxe swing. One of the ways to instantly increase your editing speed is to minimize your range of motion. You don’t need to make huge circles to select all four squares, you only need to touch the edges of them so you can make a very small circle with your mouse and still make the edit. Practicing this will surely maximize your editing speed.

This trick can be used with your ceiling as well. A lot of the times your opponent will try breaking through the top of your box. The best way to deal with them in this position is to let them take your roof, and the moment they begin pickaxing your floor, you can quickly edit it, jump and shoot them while they, once again, swing at air.

Mouse Wheel Edit Reset

Another simple way to outplay your opponent when they have their gun out and are waiting for you to edit is to make a very obvious edit that makes a clear opening for them to shoot you. Right after making such an edit you want to reset your edit as fast as possible so that your opponent ends up shooting your build making them vulnerable for you to shoot them. You can use this technique with any build piece that’s between you and your opponent. It works with floors, roofs, walls, and even stairs. I would argue that using it with stairs is the most unpredictable thing you can do since almost nobody expects the edit reset on stairs.

The best way to actually perform this technique without messing it up is to use a scroll wheel edit reset. I’ll show you how to set it up so you can easily outplay your opponents in your future games. Open up your settings and go to your keybinds. You need to bind both the “Reset Building Edit” and “Building Edit” to either “Mouse Wheel Down” or “Mouse Wheel Up”. Just make sure both of them have the same keybind and you’re good to go. You will be able to reset your edits insanely fast from now on :D


There are many other tricks that you can perform from a box, like the one I explained and showed off in my traps guide. I won’t be able to explain all of them here, but I genuinely believe that the ones I explained are the most effective even though they are relatively simple to use. Thank you for reading my guides, I truly appreciate it and I hope you’re learning a lot from them!