Thinkrolls Space Launches on the App Store on June 12

May 31, 2019
Thinkrolls Space Launches on the App Store on June 12

Avokiddo launches Thinkrolls Space, an out-of-this-world mix of colorful aliens, physics-based logic puzzles, and exciting platforming action. Thinkrolls Space is a child-friendly puzzle game that’s out of this world. Colorful heroes boldly roll where no Thinkroll has rolled before, in over
200 mazes set across seven unique planets.

A cast of oddball aliens will make you grin from ear to ear. But you’ll need brains and nimble fingers to reach your goal - and catch the waiting UFO that will beam your Thinkroll to the next fun-filled planet.


Close Encounters

Thinkrolls and Thinkrolls 2 introduced our trundling heroes. Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens added exciting new concepts - and dragons. Now Thinkrolls Space blasts the award-winning series into outer space.

You’ll meet goo monsters, bleeping robots, spring-like soprano aliens, and cheese monsters who love munching moon cheese. You’ll face vanishing rainbow bridges, plasma fields, teleporters - and more.

Each of these can help or hinder. You must figure out which - and how to move and match objects to clear a path, get the key, and open a gate to the next level.

Reach For The Stars

Two difficulty modes and unlimited penalty-free retries ensure the 200+ level journey is stress-free for children and adults alike. Along the way, stars and hearts can be collected, and later used to unlock 24 unique alien Thinkrolls.

Throughout, players are encouraged to experiment. They will learn through trial and error to combine elements and build on successive lessons to strengthen creative thinking, logic, problem-solving, spatial cognition, and memory.

Don’t be surprised when even younger players start thinking several moves ahead, in this fun, inventive, family-friendly combination of physics problems, logic puzzles, and exciting platform gaming!


Game Features

110 easy levels for ages 5+
•108 hard levels for ages 8+
•Explore 7 bizarre, unique themed planets
•24 quirky alien Thinkrolls to collect
•Gather hearts and stars and use them to unlock new aliens
•Unlimited retries, and no time limits - play at your own pace
•Enhances logic, problem-solving, memory, strategic thinking, and perseverance
•Store up to six separate player profiles
•Intuitive, easy to understand touchscreen controls
•Original concept, artwork, and sound design
•COPPA and GDPR compliant; no third party ads; no in-app purchases
•No internet connection required

Thinkrolls Space will be available worldwide on the App Store on June 12.