Thinkrolls Space - a Fun and Educational Game for All Ages

June 8, 2019
Thinkrolls Space - a Fun and Educational Game for All Ages

We’re looking at Avokiddo’s newest game, previously we played with kings and queens, now the Thinkrolls are going to space and as always need some help.

The premise


Avokiddo specializes in educational and kids games. Their games are mostly for kids between 5 and 8, but they’re also enjoyable if you’re older.

Thinkrolls Space stays true to the Thinkrolls series, so the basics stay the same. You control ball-shaped characters called Thinkrolls and you solve puzzles using aliens and robots found throughout the levels.

As suggested by the name, the game's theme is space. There’s a total of 218 levels, 110 easy and 108 hard levels, spread around 7 planets.

Between the levels, you collect hearts and stars which you can later use to buy skins. There’s a total of 24 Thinkrolls, you begin with three unlocked and the ones you unlock aren’t too expensive either.

The learning experiencethinkrolls_space_screenshot_1

The easy levels are very straight-forward, the difficulty gradually rises and new mechanics are slowly introduced. The hard levels also begin very simple and increase in difficulty, but nothing too hard, you just take a moment to think about it and it becomes clear.

The Cheese Monster and Cheese serve to teach kids continuity, planning, and reasoning. The monster really loves cheese, you use him to clear cheese blocks to open up a path or make room for another alien.

Robots are very simple, they’re essentially just boxes. Robots are used to fill holes you otherwise couldn’t pass, they help kids understand gravity and stacking.

From time to time, you’re going to need to reach a high place, the Soprano Elevator Monster is there just for that. You can move him and stretch him up and down to get where you need to be. The lessons behind this monster are simple mechanics, hand-eye coordination and elasticity.

There’s also Goo Monsters, they’re very hungry and won’t let you pass until they are fed some cake. They help kids understand spatial relations, and cause and effect.

There are also a few different immovable elements that are part of the level and controlled by levers. The disappearing bridge, antigravity zones, plasma fields, and teleporters all represent some more complex ideas, but they are used in a simple enough way that kids can understand.

No matter how complicated the concept itself is, it’s made simple enough and enjoyable for little kids. It’s done so well that it feels perfect for kids and like a nice way to get them interested in new things. Even though I'm a couple of years older than their target audience, I still enjoyed it.



There isn’t much new I can say compared to the previous review because it’s really just 200 new levels with different mechanics. I’m not saying that as a bad thing, I enjoyed it as much as the previous one.

The only thing I had an issue with is that the controls feel stiff and the Thinkroll slides a bit weirdly, but it wasn’t something that actually impacted gameplay significantly.

It’s a great game for all ages, the puzzles aren’t too challenging and children get introduced to new things in a fun way and learn without even being aware of it.

The people at Avokiddo know what they’re doing and it shows, if you enjoyed the previous Thinkrolls games, you’ll definitely enjoy this one too.

Thinkrolls Space will be available worldwide on the App Store on June 12.

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