Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens - a Child-Friendly Experience

February 20, 2019
Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens - a Child-Friendly Experience
Image source: Avokiddo official Website

The entirety of the GameBuz crew is a bit too old for this game and too young to have their kids play it, but it caught my eye. I constantly talk about us being a family friendly mobile games news site, so I thought we could do a review with that theme.

The premise

Video source: Avokiddo official Website

Avokiddo is a group of parent game developers and they focus on making apps for kids. Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens is the third installment in the series, meant for kids aged 5 to 8 and 8+ for the hard mode. It uses the same formula as the previous 2 and why would you fix something that ain’t broke.

You’re in control of ball-shaped characters, called Thinkrolls. The basic objective is simple enough, make a path for yourself, get the key and then get to the end of the level.

The game is based around castles and the sleeping dragon in them. During the level, you collect gems and candy which you exchange for cosmetic upgrades with the dragon when you get to the final room.

The really fun part is making the path. For someone older, it’s fun puzzles you can quickly go past. For kids, those levels teach them new concepts in physics and every castle is a new set of problems they learn about.

In case you find the first set of puzzles too easy, there is the harder difficulty too which is more suitable for older kids and adults. If you don’t pay attention, you will be restarting the levels.

The learning experience

Image source: Avokiddo official Website

There are a total of 6 castles, each with 17 to 20 rooms. Every castle has its own lessons in physics.

Castle 1 teaches kids about gears, simple machines, and direction. It features gears and moving platforms. You have to move the gears to the platforms to open up a path or to allow you to go past a hole. There are also some levers to change the direction of platforms and you need to take a moment to see if you’ll do something to block your path which would make you restart.

Castle 2 is about force, tension, and gravity. You use chests to fill holes or stack them to get to areas normally too high. They’re for the most part safe to move over bridges, but if dropped from a height they will break them. Sometimes you need the chest on the other side and sometimes you need to get it under the bridge.

Castle 3 is all about sound. You learn about spatial relations and sound. There are crocodiles all around the level blocking your path and you need to use a harp to put them to sleep to safely go past. The levels also require you to use previously learned things to get the harp close enough.

Castle 4 continues the trend of waves, or is it a particle… Oh yeah, light is both. To finish the levels in this castle you have to use mirrors to direct light towards the cute little ghosts to scare them away. Kids learn about light reflection, angles, and direction.

Castle 5 is about mechanics and timing. You use levers to open and close paths but you have to be careful not to trap yourself.

Castle 6 wraps it all up with potions. This castle teaches about gravity and the lack of it. You roll potions around and drop them on things that you don’t want gravity to have an effect on. Be careful because you might get yourself stuck on the ceiling and have to restart.

There are 115 levels on easy mode and an additional 113 on hard mode. So in total, we can say it has more than 200 levels.

Design and customization

Image source: Avokiddo official Website

Each of the castles has a unique design and color palette. It’s really colorful and cartoonish. Even the enemies look very gentle and cute. Graphically it’s a very child-friendly game.

The audio is also on point and there are no sudden loud sounds. The dragons breathing, thinkrolls uhm’s and hmm’s remind of cartoons meant for kids around that age of 5 and the ghosts “boo” sounds like he scares himself more than the thinkroll.

Customization was added to this one and as mentioned, you get items from the dragon in exchange for candy and gems. There are a lot of options, from hairdos and mustaches to dressing up like a mummy or princess. It’s kinda fun collecting them and seeing what the dragon will give you.


Image source: Avokiddo official Website

It’s a really well built educational kids game and there isn’t really anything you could say against it. The free version offers the first 2 castles on both difficulties and for $4 you get the rest. There are no 3rd party ads, all external links are parent locked, so it’s also a child safe game.

Easy mode is perfect for kids and the difficulty slowly raises letting them get the hang of the mechanics. Hard mode isn’t that hard, but it will require you to take a good look at the level to make sure you don’t block yourself in. Everything added up, it’s a great game that you’ll enjoy no matter the age.

You can get it on Android, Amazon and iOS