Things Rockstar Could Learn From Other Game Developers

February 12, 2019
Things Rockstar Could Learn From Other Game Developers
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So I played Red Dead Redemption 2 over the weekend and I gotta tell you guys, the game is amazing. I mean the hunting, the way you have to keep your camp stocked with stuff. The way you can lock on to any character and greet them, the weather system and how you can get hot or cold. And the game looks gorgeous too, it’s just jaw-dropping.

However, I noticed something that also bothered me in Grand Theft Auto V. Some things that are kinda outdated, to be honest. This is not gonna be a review of the game (I haven’t finished it yet, review coming soon) just some things that I personally believe are outdated and could be improved upon. And we are a mobile gaming news site but we like to cover some of the big hitters. So let me explain what I mean.

Movement - Outdated

Image source: Rockstar Games website

In the gaming industry, developers usually learn from one another. They examine the competition and learn from the mistakes of others (sometimes that’s not really the case but I digress). In most games, for years now your movement is controlled solely by the left stick. Yet, for some reason, Rockstar decided that you have to keep tapping an extra button in order to sprint.

It could have been streamlined and you could have had an entire button free to map whatever the hell you want to it. A hotkey for the map would’ve been really useful Rockstar but no. Instead, you have to go to the start menu then open the map from there. It’s really annoying when you can’t just quickly hop to your map to place a marker, then just push circle and keep riding.

But back to my point regarding movement. Uncharted, the new Assassin’s Creed games, every FPS game on console, in all of these game you either press the left stick or just push it all the way forward to make your character sprint. But in Red Dead 2 you have to keep tapping x to sprint just like in GTA V. This could have been executed better in my opinion.

Stealth - Could Be Improved Upon

Image source: Rockstar Games website

The other thing that grinds my gears is the stealth system or lack thereof. Now, maybe I’ve gotten used to the mechanics present in so many games that I’ve played or maybe Rockstar could improve some things. Far Cry, Assassins Creed, Dishonored, all of these games have some sort of detection meter or something along those lines. But Red Dead 2 has no such mechanic sadly.

I’m not gonna spoil too much here but let me give you an example.

So there’s this mission where you have to sneak into a ranch and deliver a letter to some girl from her lover. Detection results in failing the mission, but with no dedicated stealth system, you can’t really know if someone is about to see you. I was hiding behind one of the pillars of the house and one of the guards still saw me somehow. If I had some sort of detection meter I would have changed cover or something to avoid being spotted.

Image source: Rockstar Games website

So yeah, that’s basically it. Those are some beefs I have with the game so far. It’s not game breaking stuff but it’s still a bit annoying. I’m still gonna be playing the hell out of Cowboy Simulator and loving every second of it. But as always my dudes, for more stuff like this, reviews and other gaming needs, stay with us here at GameBuz.