Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Dead Cells

January 30, 2019
Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Dead Cells
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We here at the office love indie games and last year has been a great one for them. So I was cycling through last year's releases, looking for something fast paced and action oriented and I came across Dead Cells. It's a procedurally generated, roguelike-metroidvania game developed and published by Motion Twin.

It’s super fun and challenging but it doesn’t really explain the mechanics of the game. Personally, I think this is the way it was meant to be played. It’s fun to find these things out for yourself. However, if you want to make it a bit easier we got you covered. I’ve been playing Dead Cells a lot lately and I’ll be listing some tips that may help you in your playthrough.


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Like in most action-oriented games there is a stun mechanic. You can stun your enemies in two ways, as far as I can tell. The first one is by dealing high damage while an enemy is performing an attack or a defensive move.

The second way is to bash in doors while enemies are behind them. After they’re stunned just whale on them but be careful, the stun will last only 1.4 seconds so be prepared to dodge. And while we’re talking about dodging…

Animation Cancel

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This is a technique that can be used in a lot of games and one that I’m sure many of you are familiar with. If you aren’t though it’s a way to get out of a slow attack or any other action that would be harmful to you. Animation canceling can be tricky in some games and requires some amount of skill.

Now, despite this game being pretty hard, it’s simple to pull this trick off. All you have to do is press the dodge button mid attack and your attack animation will be canceled. So for example, if you think your enemy is gonna land his attack before you land yours smash that dodge button.

Timed Doors

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Now, this is something everyone does with any game that has some exploration elements. We usually explore every nook and cranny to find everything we can. However, with Dead Cells, it may be a good idea to speedrun some levels.

Why is that? Well, every stage (except for the first one I think) has a timed door. These doors will close after a certain time but the rooms behind those doors can provide you with some much-needed gold or weapon. Rewards vary but they’re really useful regardless. I usually take the speedrun route on early stages because they have fewer enemies so it’s not that hard.

Fall Damage

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There are some big drops in the game and sometimes you have to take a leap of faith. Maybe you’re being overwhelmed by enemies and want to retreat and drink a health potion. Maybe you’re in a hurry for a door and just want to get there and reap the rewards.

Whatever the case you can jump off things with no fear. All you have to do is a dive attack. While in mid-air press down and the jump button at the same time. This will make your character do a ground pound attack and will cancel all fall damage. It’s a great way to enter the Toxic Sewers level.

Item Upgrades

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After each stage, you will walk into a laboratory where an NPC called The Collector will be waiting for you. This dude collects things called cells which you get from killing enemies. These can be given to The Collector in exchange for new items. What I’m saying is, he’s a shop basically.

The tip I have for you here is to upgrade your health flask to level 2 as soon as possible. The base flask has only one charge and you get additional ones for every level you upgrade it. You’ll need a lot of health for later levels/stages, at least I did.

So yeah, that’s about it. I hope these little tips will help you in your runs and I hope you have fun with the game if you decide to pick it up. For articles like this one and more stay tuned to GameBuz.