The Lost Art of Modding - Fallout: New Vegas | Week 3

February 18, 2019
The Lost Art of Modding - Fallout: New Vegas | Week 3
Image source: Steam store

How could your favorite PC, console and mobile games news site not talk about mods? The lost art of modding is a weekly series on Gamebuz about the best mods for both older and more recent games. I hope that every week you will be reminded of a great game that you’ll want to play again.

What kind of series about mods would this be if we didn’t talk about at least one Bethesda game? Skyrim is too obvious, so I went with my second most played game from Bethesda, Fallout: New Vegas.

If I was to just list great mods, this article would be too long so I picked out a few that I really enjoy. Without further ado, let’s get into it.


Tale of Two Wastelands

We open up with the biggest mod for NV out there (and for Fallout 3 too, technically). Tale of two wastelands brings the worlds of New Vegas and Fallout 3 together. An obvious prerequisite is having both games for the mod to work.

This mod has been long in the making and how could it not be. It fuses New Vegas and Fallout 3 into a single game. For the most part, it’s like playing both games at the same time. You have a train station that you use to travel between the worlds and you bring with yourself the items and companions you have. So if you want to bring Rex with you to D.C. so he and Dogmeat can be friends, sure, you can do that.

It keeps perks and items balanced for use in both worlds. It also adds originally cut content from both games and adds new perks to companions. There are also new recipes, since a lot of New Vegas ingredients wouldn’t make sense outside of the desert, new animations so NPC’s of both worlds can use items as intended and cross-wasteland homes for companions.

Get it on their official website.


Warhammer 40K Conversion

This mod populates New Vegas with characters and weapons from 40K. To be more specific…

The NCR and Boomers are now the Imperium,
Legions and Bandits are now Forces of Chaos,
The Viper Gang and Great Khans are now the Eldar,
Black mountain super mutants are now Orks (who would have guessed…),
The BoS is converted to Soul Drinkers,
Finally, many of the wild creatures have been converted to Tyranids.

You can customize their exact appearance too if you have preferences towards any specific armor pieces.

Some of the models don’t really feel appropriate to the New Vegas world, they look too clean and have a substantially different design, nonetheless, the mod is pretty well made one and you could always retexture it yourself if you’d prefer a more rugged and dirty look.

Get it on Nexus Mods.


A World of Pain

Did you ever feel like there might be too much empty space on the map? A world of pain fixes that, it adds over 100 new locations populated with enemies and loot. Of the biggest locations is a huge underground complex full of new quests, items, and vendors.

Besides the locations, it also adds weapons, armor, and rather tough enemies to the game. It keeps everything balanced so that the game stays enjoyable but challenging.

It also doesn’t require any DLC since it uses base game assets.

Get it on Nexus Mods.


Fallout: New California

This was definitely an enjoyable mod to play through. It features a completely new story with a well made main quest line and many side quests, new factions and weapons, a very large landscape with 2 new radio stations and 8 possible companions. Going even further, it has new animations and many hours of voice acting too.

You escape Vault 18 and find yourself in a war between 3 factions, each wanting your help in taking down the others.

Maybe it’s best if you watch the trailer.

Get it on Nexus Mods.


Project Nevada

Image source: Nexus Mods

This is usually one of the first mods I install whenever I pick up New Vegas again. It’s a collection of modules allowing you to customize exactly what you get from it.

The core module basically rebalances the game and turns it into a more standard FPS experience. It adds a dynamic crosshair, throwables hotkey, visual feedback for your health, action points and stealth status, first-person overlays for headgear, and sprinting and slow-motion at the cost of action points.

The additional modules are Cyberware, Rebalance, and Equipment. They add cybernetic enhancements to the player, rebalance the game to be more challenging and immersive, and add a lot of new weapons and armor to the game. All of them are customizable to fit your playing style.

Get it on Nexus Mods.


Solid Project

Solid Project would be a good addition after getting Project Nevada, it continues adding to the game mechanics, specifically the combat.

Get it on Nexus Mods.


Fallout Character Overhaul

Image source: Nexus Mods

I have gotten to the point where I can’t play New Vegas without this mod. It updates practically every face in the game. It doesn’t just add HD textures, no, a lot of the faces are completely remodeled, high-poly normal maps sculpted to perfection, more than 100 unique races with some player unique ones, remade hair and beards.

It’s best you check it out for yourself because an image is worth a thousand words.

Get it on Nexus Mods.


More Perks

Image source: Nexus Mods

There isn’t much to say about it, the mod does exactly what the name suggests. It adds a lot of new perks and trait, somewhere around 120 actually.

Among those 120 there wacky, serious, useful and random ones, but all of them definitely are unique.

To read up exactly what the perks and traits are, and to get the mod, go to Nexus Mods.

Weapon Mod Expanded

WMX gives every weapon 3 slots for mods and adds many new weapon mods. You get them through looting and crafting, ordering them through catalogs or from vending machines. The new customization is great and it’s used as a base for many other weapon mods

Get it on Nexus Mods.


Those were some of my favorite mods that greatly impact the experience for me. In case you want even more mods, there are thousands of them and there is something for everyone. Including things I can’t really talk about on a family friendly site.