The Lost Art of Modding - Battlefield 2 | Week 2

February 11, 2019
The Lost Art of Modding - Battlefield 2 | Week 2
Image source: Battlefield 2 official Website

How could your favorite PC, console and mobile games news site not talk about mods? The lost art of modding is a weekly series on Gamebuz about the best mods for both older and more recent games. I hope that every week you will be reminded of a great game that you’ll want to play again.

Today we’ll be talking about Battlefield 2, released in 2005 and still getting love from the modding community. There’s a lot of great mods, so let’s get right into it.

To start, let’s go over total conversion mods, some of them are too big to go into detail about, so it’ll just be a quick overview of what they bring.

Project Reality

Image source: Project Reality official Website

Project Reality takes Battlefield 2 and turns it into a completely different game. It gained such a huge following and split so far from the game that it became a standalone now that doesn’t require the base game.

This mid, now standalone game, focuses on squad tactics and team gameplay. Weapon behavior is a lot more realistic, loadouts are unique to their roles and communication is key. At 8GB, it features 50 different maps, 20 factions, 5 unique gamemodes, custom VOIP system, and 100 player servers.

Forgotten Hope 2

Image source: Forgotten Hope official Website

Just as amazing, we have Forgotten Hope, a World War 2 mod (You know, since Battlefield V is kinda disappointing). You might be asking yourself why is it “2”, that’s because the first one was for the original Battlefield. So you know the dev team is experienced.

It’s not as realism focused as Project Reality, but it is a more realistic experience than the base game. There are 50 playable maps, sorted into years when battles really did happen. Depending on the year you will also have weapons and vehicles that were available and common at that point. It’s not a standalone, but it is half the size of Project Reality.

Allied Intent Xtended

Image source: Mod DB

Now, something a bit smaller. AIX isn’t as huge, but what makes it so cool is that it’s focused on an offline play with bots. One of the cool additions is the offline stats and awards system.

There aren’t as many new maps, there are 14 unique maps and 7 redesigned maps from the base game. That doesn’t mean it’s short on content. Every kit has completely new weapons and equipment and surprisingly, there’s 32 new aircraft. So if you want a huge choice of weapons and love flying in BF2, this is a great mod.

Eve of Destruction 2

Image source: Eve of Destruction official Website

Yes, the 2 is for the same reason as Forgotten Hope. This one is based on the Vietnam war and it’s was a one-man show. The entire mod is made by one person with the help of his son and it got its standalone release a few years back.

Personally, I couldn’t recommend the standalone, but the free BF2 mod is okay. The BF2 mod isn’t as popular as the BF1942 one was, but it’s passable. It’s obvious that this was a mod made by one man, but it’s still enjoyable.


NOTE: The following 2 mods are in no way political commentary, they’re mods based on different conflicts and that is all. If you can’t stop yourself from bringing politics in, skip the next 2.


Operation Peacekeeper

Image source: Mod DB

Back to modern combat, we have a mod based on the Kosovo conflict. It features Serbian forces fighting against German and British units. Soldiers are equipped with weapons from the time period and you have access to some really cool vehicles.

The maps are based on the mountainous terrain of Kosovo, some are more open while others are focused on close quarters combat. Just keep in mind that some don’t support bots.

IDF: Fight for Independence

Image source: Mod DB

Israeli Defense Force: Fight for Independence, as the name suggests, is about the wars involving Israel, Syria, Egypt, and Jordan. The maps are built to simulate the battles that did occur. The mod also brings some weapons generally less common in games.

It’s a touchy topic, but the mod is not a political statement, it’s just a mod that brings a conflict rarely portrayed in video games to BF2.

CQB Japan

Image source: Mod DB

Next up is a mod that brings another less common faction in games, the Japanese Defense Force. The mods setting is urban Japan and its focused on fast-paced close quarters combat. It brings a lot of modern weapons and interesting maps.

There are also a few amazing overhaul and retexture mods that did pretty much everything right.


Video source: Mod DB

This is probably the best overhaul mod for BF2. It adds all new textures, replaces most models and even adds new ones. It adds HD textures, water effects, rebalanced weapons based on their real-life ballistics.

It pushes the Refractor 2 engine to its limits and substantially increases the system requirements for the game.

Heat of Battle

Video source: Mod DB

An overhaul compatible with the previous, Heat of Battle splits the game into more factions with appropriate weapons. It brings weapons from Battlefield 4 and new vehicle mechanics. On the technical side, it adds new shaders and HD textures to fit the BF4 models.

Extension Pack No.2

Video source: Mod DB

Extension Pack focuses on improving gameplay. It redesigns the factions and map layouts to allow for better balance and more fun gameplay.

Factions get their appropriate weapons and vehicles, maps have updated lighting and there are all-new weapon sounds.

No.3 is also in the works

Alpha Project

Video source: Mod DB

I was on the edge whether I should put this with full conversions or here with the overhauls. Honestly, it can go either way, call it whatever you like more.

The mods focus is to add everything that was missing from the base game. It brings new animations, new models, new textures and some completely new maps and weapons. Another mod that really pushed the engine to the limits of what it could do.DICE

Finally, some wacky mods

BF2 Sandbox

It’s Garry’s Mod, that’s it. Garry’s mod in Battlefield, nothing else needs to be said.


This mini-mod doesn’t really add anything new, but it’s a hilarious tweak to config files. It’s a 70MB download and it’s really best for you to see for yourself what it does.

Even today, new mods for BF2 show up from time to time, some of the mods on this list still get regular updates. There are even more great mods and we might revisit Battlefield 2 at some point to go over more of them, but until then, I strongly encourage you to give the ones on this list a try if you miss the older Battlefield games.