The Long Dark Survival Mode Update: Errant Pilgrim Out Now

December 11, 2019
The Long Dark Survival Mode Update: Errant Pilgrim Out Now

Hinterland Studio has announced that Errant Pilgrim - another comprehensive free update for the Survival Mode of The Long Dark - has launched on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One.

Errant Pilgrim update adds a new region Bleak Inlet. Here, a wind-swept coastline reveals an abandoned industrial facility -- an aging Cannery that holds some useful secrets. However, to reach it players will have to access the region from both the Raven Falls ravine and Forlorn Muskeg. They have to be really careful because Vicious Timberwolf packs have moved into this region, and will defend their territory to the death.

Then, the update brings a new challenge called As the Dead Sleep, inspired by the community-conceived “Deadman” challenge. In it, players take on the role of a tortured soul on the edge of death. They need to find five grave markers in the distant corners of the world if they want to find some peace.

Also, there is the Ammunition Workbench which players should try to find. With the right supplies, they can assemble their own ammunition for the Rifle or Revolver.

In addition, there are new items: Gunpowder & Ammunition Components. The developer added all the raw materials players need to craft ammunition. If they manage to gather them all and find an Ammunition Bench, they’ll be significantly enhancing their life expectancy on Great Bear.

Finally, this update includes several minutes of new Survival Mode exploration music, performance improvements across the game, and dozens of bug fixes. Hinterland Studio also included the player requested Quality of Life changes like being able to break down Campfire rings along with new Feats and more.

For even more information, visit the official website.