The Fortnite World Cup Details and This Is How You Can Join

March 26, 2019
The Fortnite World Cup Details and This Is How You Can Join
Image source: Fortnite World Cup Official Page

Epic has announced how players will be able to qualify for the biggest Fortnite tournament yet and fight for the $3,000,000 prize pool this summer. Starting from April 13-June 16, everyone will be able to compete, but few will qualify.

With the v8.2 update, Arena Mode will become available and that will be your first step towards the World Cup. Every region will have their own tournament. There is no set schedule, you just have to play and fight for your place at the top to be given the chance to move onto the online open semi-finals.

On Saturdays, the players will compete in the semi-finals. Every player will have a 3 hour window to play through 10 matches and collect as many points as they can based on their placements and eliminations in those matches.

On Sundays, the 3,000 best players from the semi-finals continue the fight in the finals. Collected points are reset and the players again have 3 hours to play 10 matches and collect points. The best players will receive cash prizes from the $1,000,000 pool and the very best will also continue to the World Cup this summer.

Image source: Official Tournament Announcement page

If you plan on competing, you should probably brush up on your skills.