The First Speakers for the 16th Gamelab Barcelona Announced

May 25, 2020
The First Speakers for the 16th Gamelab Barcelona Announced

The first confirmed speakers for Gamelab Barcelona 2020 Live have now been announced. Shawn Layden, Minh Le, Tim Willits, Richard Lemarchand, Charlie Cleveland and many more big names are all on the list. These leading figures in the industry are associated with iconic games such as Counter-Strike, Uncharted, Doom and Subnautica. This is the first glimpse of the line-up for the latest edition, which will be held online from 23 to 25 June and will also feature appearances from David Gardner, Ian Dallas, Máximo Cavazzani, Sebastien Borget and Daniel Sánchez Crespo. Register now to watch the main talks for free or purchase one of a range of professional passes offering access to exclusive material, networking sessions and the opportunity to interact with the speakers live. The International Games and Interactive Entertainment Conference team has confirmed the attendance of prominent figures such as Shawn Layden. Shawn made a key contribution to the global success of Sony consoles, overseeing the development of proprietary software for PlayStation®. Some of the projects he has helped to design are Horizon Zero Dawn, MLB: The Show, The Last Guardian, Uncharted, Farpoint, GT Sport and God of War.

Another big name at this year’s conference will be Minh Le, who has been described by several specialised media outlets as one of the best developers of all time. Alongside Jess Cliffe, he designed the immensely popular Counter-Strike; one of the most influential shooter games ever made.

Gamelab will also be hosting Tim Willits. With more than 25 years’ experience in the video game industry, he has made an enviable reputation for himself. He currently occupies the role of Creative Director at Saber Interactive, whose catalogue includes World War Z, the NBA Playgrounds franchise and SnowRunner. Tim has also worked on critically acclaimed franchises such as Quake, Doom and Rage as a creative, designer and executive.

Another guest at the conference will be Kate Edwards, Executive Director of the Global Game Jam (a prestigious global event that mobilises the entire developer community every year) and pioneer in the culturalisation of content for the video game industry (Dragon Age II and Star Wars: The Old Republic). Kate, a former Executive Director at the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) with 13 years’ experience at Microsoft under her belt, is considered one of the most powerful women in the video game sector.

Charlie Cleveland, founder of the Unknown Worlds studio, will also be participating in the conference. He has worked on games such as Subnautica, which has sold more than five million copies (excluding free copies), and Natural Selection, a game that created a huge buzz at the start of this year.

Another name to appear in this first glimpse of the line-up is designer Richard Lemarchand. He is renowned for his work at Naughty Dog, where he oversaw the design for the series Uncharted, and at Crystal Dynamics, where he helped to create the games series Gex and Soul Reaver.

Other names on the guest list include David Gardner, former COO at Electronic Arts and one of the great visionaries of video game industry investments; Álvaro Azofra, who was responsible for the huge success of the mobile game Kingdom Rush; Ian Dallas, who oversaw the creation of the innovative, experimental What Remains of Edith Finch, an indie game that took the world by storm in 2017, pipping large-scale productions to the post for the main prizes for best game of the year, and Sebastien Borget, who is currently building the ‘metaverse’ for one of the most eagerly awaited, highly regarded blockchain games: The Sandbox. Several guests from previous editions will also be returning this year: Gonzalo Frasca, creator of DragonBox School, an innovative transmedia solution for learning maths, Rami Ismail, considered to be the “ambassador of the independent development movement”, Máximo Cavazzani, creator of Apalabrados (the second part of which has just been launched), Richard Bartle, a pioneer in online multiplayer games, and Spaniard Daniel Sánchez Crespo, who made the successful saga Invizimals.