The First Closed Beta For Astellia Begins Today

June 25, 2019
The First Closed Beta For Astellia Begins Today

The first-ever closed beta event for Astellia has begun. This gives players a chance to check out many of the new and updated features tailored to a western audience.

This first test runs from today, June 25th through July 2nd, and giveaways are happening on the official Astellia Discord. Players who pre-purchase Astellia can get in on this test and all future tests as well.

Closed beta testers will be providing the studio with invaluable data across a number of features and mechanics including progression speed and updated combat systems. Players will also assist the team in creating a baseline for how the various game systems are being used as they journey through normal content and dungeons, trying out acquired gear and more.

Saturday will offer players a chance to try out high-end gameplay in Astellia with a level boost and suitable equipment.

While there will be separate North American and European servers at launch, CBT players will be working to break the server during the technical stress test when everyone, regardless of location, will be stuffed into a single server to put it through its paces. This is being done to apply as much pressure to the system as possible.