The Epic Games Store Launches Unannounced in China

May 16, 2019
The Epic Games Store Launches Unannounced in China

With no announcements or hints that it will happen, Epic Games has launched their store in China. Almost all games are available and two payment methods are accepted.

According to Chinese news site Techweb and translated by PCGamesN, the Epic Games Store became available to gamers in China with no announcement, allowing them to buy and play most games.

Chinese credit cards are unavailable, but WeChat and AliPay, local payment methods, are available. It also seems that China has regional prices, specifically World War Z going for $16.99 (Compared to $34.99 in NA).

It is a bit unusual that Epic would launch their store with no buildup, instead just letting gamers stumble onto it. Although, keeping in mind the stance China took against video games, this might be the best way to do it, without bringing too much attention to themselves.

At this years GDC, during the Q&A one of the attendees asked why the Epic Games Store isn’t available in China. Epic Games Store chief Steve Allison answered:

That’s a complicated question. … The way our competitor operates offshore is not legal in China, and they don’t have an office in China. We have employees there, so we are very sensitive to what is legal and what is is not — more for the benefit and safety of our staff. We just don’t want to take any risks that can put them in any legal fire,