The Block Shooter FeverTime Is Total Madness

April 17, 2019
The Block Shooter FeverTime Is Total Madness

How far can you go with a shooting plane in motion? For fans of mobile games, the developer, Dawn Dice Inc., presents a game as simple as addictive: Block Shooter! A casual hyper, developed in 4 weeks that challenges users to reach the maximum level of shots.

The game is available worldwide for Android in eight languages. What's its strategy? It is that simple: start the ship and shoot the cubes with a score. What makes it so addictive? It is the speed with which the game is provoked that tests the visual and tactile ability.

Block Shooter's developers warn, "It is difficult to stop after the first attempts. The players will try to beat their score again and again". Dawn Dice is the partner company of Playwith Inc. in Korea.

To download Block Shooter, visit Play Store.