The Best Games of 2019 and Why We Loved Them

January 3, 2020
The Best Games of 2019 and Why We Loved Them

It’s not easy to pick the best games of any given year, but we did manage to agree on and highlight some of our favorite games from 2019.

It’s hard to pick the best game, everyone likes different things and it will never be possible for everyone to agree on one single game as the best. So we tried to keep it diverse and cover different genres with our favorite picks in no particular order.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

It’s no secret that EA messed up with the Star Wars license, so badly that governments got involved. Thankfully, Respawn managed to create a good Star Wars game.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a balance of new and old and you can really feel that it’s a game developed by Respawn. It adds something new to the Star Wars universe without complicating it too much or twisting the story around. The hidden tombs you can explore and pieces of Jedi lore scattered around are a great bonus to Star Wars fans.

Some of the reasons why Fallen Order deserves a spot we agreed upon are satisfying combat and platforming. Using the force and slicing through enemies with your lightsaber is an unmatched feeling that brings joy. The platforming keeps things interesting, climbing and jumping around the world as you explore it and find secrets keeps things from getting repetitive.

It keeps it safe at points, but after the fiasco with Battlefront, they didn’t have a lot of wiggle room, it had to be good and not risk it too much.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

From Software is well known due to the entire play style and design of Dark Souls which is exactly why Sekiro was so refreshing.

It makes it very clear that it’s heart is Dark Souls, bosses that will turn your hair white, a difficulty that doesn’t let you drop your guard, well thought-out level design. The moment you look away from the core, you see the amazing ways it built upon.

The feudal Japanese setting creates a beautiful, and very open, world. The addition of the grappling hook and possibility of stealth open up a lot more ways to play Sekiro. Even though the combat is very Souls-like, a fine dance between dodging and attacking, a larger part of gameplay became items and their upgrades.

In the end, Sekiro is probably From Software’s best game yet and it’s incredibly replayable.

The Outer Worlds

We all love Fallout: New Vegas and it made us rather sad that we haven’t seen anything like it for so long. Not even future Fallout games could replicate it. So, Obsidian and some original creators of Fallout decided to do the world a favor and create a spiritual successor to New Vegas.

In The Outer Worlds entire planets are turned into company communities ran by corporations. It takes a step away from some modern tropes and brings back what New Vegas did. It’s built around a beautiful world, populated by memorable characters, all wrapped into a clever and fun story.

It really pushes you into exploring the world around you, you want to talk to everyone and see everything.

Outer Wilds

Surprisingly few games have been built around the concept of a single day repeating like in Groundhog Day, but thankfully there’s Outer Wilds.

You find yourself on a lovely planet only to realize that in 22 minutes the nearby star will go supernova and you are doomed. Well, you’re doomed the first time, probably the second too, but maybe on your third try you’ll get an idea for a way you could stop it.

You have 22 minutes each playthrough to wrap your head around what’s happening and to find a way to stop the star from going supernova and save yourself. As you play, you learn about the world around you, explore beautiful places, and look for answers to the many mysteries of space.

You can actually finish the game rather quickly, but it’s full of secrets that you will want to explore, you can expect to sink multiple hours into it.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

It’s been a great year for the Switch with many great games being released for it. One of them being Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

In its core it is a traditional Fire Emblem game. The combat is grid based and you’re constantly worried you’ll lose one of your characters you’ve built up the entire game and loved. The school system also adds an entirely new layer to keep you engaged and give you something to do between fights.

Fire Emblem has seen multiple generations of gamers, many coming back to it release after release. It’s amazing how they manage to keep it fresh while staying true to the game’s core and keeping old-school fans happy too.

Death Stranding

Everyone was aware Death Stranding was going to make the list, it’s been covered to death already, so we’ll keep it short.

Kojima's walking simulator across a post-apocalyptic United States is not for everyone. Walking around and delivering packages can feel very mundane at times. Thankfully, the short bursts of action help in not falling asleep while playing.

There’s some stunning views, an underlying commentary of the modern world, a baby strapped to your body, a bit of a weird game at times, but it’s still fun if you don’t mind the walking.

Apex Legends

After so much Fortnite, Apex Legends, a battle royale spinoff in the Titanfall universe, was a real surprise this year. The major reason why the free-to-play BR was such a surprise is the fact that it was announced and released in the same day.

Apex Legends is a nice twist to the genre, the interesting heroes and their abilities make you actually think about your squads choices. The design is nothing short of amazing and it built upon the genre in original ways.

There were some difficult moments for the game and it isn’t updated as often as Fortnite, but it’s still a great game.

Luigi's Mansion 3

Going back to the great releases for the Switch, it’s Luigi’s Mansion now, I would even call it a must-have for the Switch. The Last Resort hotel is full of fun puzzles, various themes across levels, great mechanics and more.

It’s everything you’d expect from a large Nintendo title, and we’re glad Luigi is getting some love too.

Metro Exodus

The third game in the series, Metro Exodus is still set in a post-apocalyptic Russia, but this time we get go a lot further from the underground subway.

In the beginning it’s very linear just like the previous games, but you’re quickly dropped into a large open-world.

It’s incredibly well balanced, it offers fresh new things that change it up in a fun way for both veterans of the series and newcomers, while still keeping the core gameplay feeling the same. The pacing is amazing, the story is well written, the encounters are engaging, it’s an all around great game.

Borderlands 3

More planets, more characters, and so many more guns, probably no better way to define each new installment of the Borderlands series. Gearbox's original looter shooter made a comeback this year after a pause and it is exactly what you would expect.

Gearbox knows what their fans like and what they want, so they gave us exactly what we wanted, another Borderlands games. There’s not much new in Borderlands 3, it’s the classic experience we wanted.

There are some new features, but nothing drastic. It’s mostly balancing out previous features and finding new ways to let us destroy the world around us.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

After a few very disappointing titles that just recycled what the previous ones have done and a bunch of money grabbing schemes, we finally got a Call of Duty that is truly enjoyable.

The campaign is about as long as it usually is in Call of Duty games (short), but it is action packed and returns its roots. There was a bit of controversy around it, but besides the war crime thing, it’s not that bad.

The multiplayer rolled back the three lane maps for the most part, added variety, removed the specialists, chilled out with the overwhelming monetization and for the most part is pretty balanced. It’s exactly what you’d want from Call of Duty's multiplayer.


There’s obviously a lot more games we really loved and enjoyed this year, but a post can only be so long.

Some of them would be: Disco Elysium, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, Anno 1800, Tropico 6, A Plague Tale: Innocence, Tetris 99, The Surge 2, Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, and Still There.