The Best Easter Eggs Found in Video Games Released in 2019

April 21, 2019
The Best Easter Eggs Found in Video Games Released in 2019

It’s Easter today and what better way to spend it than going on a good Easter egg hunt. So that’s exactly what I did, but instead of actual eggs, I hunted down the best Easter Eggs in video games released in 2019.

Now, each of these games has a ton of Easter eggs and if I went through all of them, we would be here for days. So I picked the very best ones (in my opinion) and I’m gonna be sharing them with you guys today. So without further ado let’s get started.


Apex Legends - Shadie the dog

Image source: Jason McCord's tweet

This one is a bit sad but also very wholesome. Namely, players have found a dog plushie in Kings Canyon along with a couple of pictures next to it. This is actually a little memorial for a Respawn dev’s pet. During the development of Apex Legends, lead level designer Jason McCord sadly lost his canine companion, Shadie.

At the time, McCord was working hard on Kings Canyon, as he explained in a tweet. “Shadie was our best friend, and so I wanted her to live on in this little corner of the map. It legit makes me feel better to visit this area sometimes,” McCord said. Shadie is now immortalized in a corner of the Market area and players can visit the little memorial and pay their respects.


Metro Exodus - Star Wars

In previous Metro games, players spent most of their time in confined and dark tunnels of the Russian metro, but in Metro Exodus, you can see many different locations. One of these locations is a desert, something we haven’t seen in previous Metro games.

After this desert level, you’ll be riding the train and you’ll come across two soldiers. If you know a bit about guns then you know that sand isn’t really great for them. So naturally, these two guys are cleaning their weapons and one of them has something interesting to say. As you might have guessed by now, it’s Anakin’s line from Star Wars, you know, the one about sand getting everywhere.


Devil May Cry 5 - Lady Patty

The latest installment in the Devil May Cry series is a love letter to previous titles. It’s filled to the brim with Easter eggs, pop culture references, and callbacks to the original game. There were so many things to choose from but being an anime fan, I chose this one.

Prior to meeting V for the first time, Dante gets a phone call from a Lady Patty. For those of you who watched the Devil May Cry: The Animated Series this name might seem familiar. This is actually Patty Lowell, the little girl that Dante is hired to protect in the anime.


Resident Evil 2 Remake - JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures

Image source: Screenshot of Captain Eggcellent's video

Like DMC5, the remake of Resident Evil 2 was long awaited and filled to the brim with Easter eggs and references to other Capcom games and more. And continuing with the anime theme of the last Easter egg here’s one more.

In the police station, in the same room where the “Welcome Leon” sign is (this time it's with one L, but that’s another easter egg) there is a locker with the name JoJo. This is a reference to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, the popular anime series. Capcom has developed a JoJo game so they left this little nod to the series here.


Far Cry New Dawn - Avengers: Infinity War

In every Far Cry game since Far Cry 3 (excluding Far Cry Primal) we get to see Hurk, the kind of dumb and sometimes funny comic relief character. Hurk always has something to say, and in this game, he references a lot of our pop culture. He references the movie Speed and the 80s TV series Knight Rider, among other things.

But out of all of them, my favorite one has to be the Infinity War reference. When downed, Hurk will yell out: “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.” This is, of course, a reference to Spider-Man’s death scene in Avengers: Infinity War.

And that’s it for this list, people. What are some of your favorite Easter eggs from this year? Let us know down in the comments. And from all of us here at the GameBuz office, happy Easter!