The Batman Arkham and LEGO Trilogies Free on the Epic Store

September 20, 2019
The Batman Arkham and LEGO Trilogies Free on the Epic Store

To celebrate 80 years of Batman, Epic Games is giving away six free Batman games, specifically the Lego Batman Trilogy, and the Batman Arkham Collection, to all of their users.

The Arkham trilogy is pretty much exactly what you would want from a Batman game. Yes, there's the infamous Arkham Knight the had a catastrophic launch, but nowadays it's been patched around and it shouldn't cause any problems.


If you're not in the mood for the totally not lethal takedowns, the LEGO Batman trilogy by TT Games is a more family-friendly option. There's no shame in switching over to a more leisurely game and playing some LEGO co-op. The trilogy is also pretty cool since you'll get to see some villains that get a lot less attention than some of the big names.

You can head over to the Epic Games Store and claim your free games. One thing that should be noted is that Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are GOTY editions, which means they come with all of the DLCs, but Arkham Knight is the standard edition and there are no DLCs for it available on the Epic Games Store.

Keep an eye out for next weeks free games, Everything, and Metro 2033 Redux.