The 5 Striking Benefits of Playing Mobile Games

April 26, 2019
The 5 Striking Benefits of Playing Mobile Games

Starting from the point that you might be a complete layman when it comes to playing video games on whichever console, you might be one of those people from the class that always nags to others to put their phones down and engage in everyday activities like “normal” people do. This is where you would be utterly wrong.

Not only does playing video games improve your mental health in general, but it can also help you reduce stress and even terminate your depression. Striking right? While this may sound like an improbable claim, certain evidence has led many people to incorporate playing video games on their mobile phones in their everyday lives as they raise the dopamine levels.

Of course, you shouldn’t solely rely on video games to fix your every health problem (excluding medication for games is not the right way to go), but it can all certainly boost your self-esteem while reducing anxiety at the same time.

1. Playing video games can improve your mood

The most common misconception about increasing your mood to a higher level by playing video games is that it simply makes your mood better once you feel the joy of victory. On the one hand this is true. Each individual feels superior to a certain extent once he/she has completed a complex tax and can say for certain that one has evolved as a player.

But other than just feeling like a true emperor with a better mood there are other games that involve no such tasks of competing and combating and still make your mood go to a higher level. Have you ever tried playing Civilization Revolution 2? Once you get into the zone of building your own empire, you will see all your worries start to melt away. Getting sucked into the game can certainly help reduce both anxiety and depression.

2. Certain video games train your brain


Training your memory skills, improving spatial awareness as well as keeping your brain engaged on a day-to-day basis can be done through video games, however impossible one may think it is. Games like online Bingo, where users have to look at horizontal, diagonal and vertical patterns in order to win the game certainly improve spatial awareness. This is especially good for older people in that it makes them have to concentrate and awaken the sleeping brain cells. Even played for only a short period of time but on a daily basis can be very beneficial for training one’s brain.

3. They’re available for all and mostly free

While the majority of games available for download on your mobile phone are free, some have a price. However, this price ranges from only a few dollars to no more than $20, making mobile games available for all middle-class citizens. When it comes to console games, we are talking about a different issue. One must first get the console and not to mention the fact that the majority of them is something not every middle-class citizen could afford. For example, an Xbox One S now costs around $239 in the US.

So, the fact that online games are making gamers more prone to downloading video games, as well as in-app purchases, provided that the gamer already owns a smartphone makes mobile gaming a widely spread community available for everyone to join.

4. Old or young - it doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter how old you are, so long as you choose the right game for you. And, let’s face it, playing games is easy and anyone can do it. Some games are designed to target youngsters, especially racing games. Such games improve youngsters’ driving skills. Gaming companies are developing new games continuously that have youngsters as their targets. Some games, such as Chess WIth Friends game, have seniors as targets.

5. You will feel like you belong to the community

The rise of the mode of multiple players has proven to be one of the best ways for online gamers to socialize. Certain games have proven to be good for even building a social community (such as Chess With Friends and Wordfeud).

Most importantly, those with autism have more problems in communicating with others but in playing games that have the option for multiple players has proven to help them to a great extent. Moreover, studies have shown that 70% of online gamers tend to try and meet in person some of the other games they have met online.

With this new information acquired, one can say that one knows the basic benefits of playing mobile video games.