Tencent at the Top of Chinese Mobile Game Publishers Revenue Rankings

April 21, 2020
Tencent at the Top of Chinese Mobile Game Publishers Revenue Rankings

Recently, Sensor Tower has released the ranking of the global App Store and Google Play revenues of Chinese mobile game publishers for March 2020. The 30 Chinese mobile game publishers in the current ranking had global revenues of over $1.63 billion in the month, accounting for 27.6% of the global total mobile game revenues.

Overall, the revenue for the top 30 Chinese mobile game publishers has increased by 14% from the previous period. There are 22 mobile game publishers on the list that have seen revenue growth on the month-on-month basis. Most of the declines were also normal.

Since there is a worldwide crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people tend to stay at home and find entertainment there, so the mobile game industry has got many opportunities to develop and grow.

In the top five Chinese publishers on the global market for March are Tencent, NetEase, Lilith Games, FunPlus and Lingxi Games, the same as it was in February.

Image Source: Sensor Tower

37 Games, which came in at number 10 in March, moved up three places from February thanks to the release of "Miracle MU: Cross-era" in Hong Kong and Taiwan, which saw its revenue rise 740% year-on-year.

While Bole Technology consolidated its ranking, it also recorded a record high of 19% month-on-month revenue growth, with the U.S. as its absolute lead, followed by Australia and the U.K. The three regions accounted for 68.8%, 7.4% and 3.8% of its income, respectively.

Also, Happy Elements ranking improved by 7 places, and now it is number 20 on the list. The main reason is its "Ensemble Stars!" release. A tour of the same name was a great success in the Japanese market, and this has driven the Happy Elements’ game revenue to be increased by 53% on the month-on-month basis.

At the end of the list, there are also some publishers with outstanding performance. Xindong Network launched a mobile game “Lanyan Qingmeng", and it increased revenue by 80% in March and led to a 15% increase in revenue of the publisher.

While Six Waves continues to focus on Japan, its game "Overlord's Desire" has become its highest-grossing product with a 34% revenue share, helping the publisher record an 80% month-on-month increase in revenue this month.

Sensor Tower points out that in the face of the global outbreak, more and more women are joining the ranks of mobile gamers, a trend that began in late January in China and has seen a sharp rise in downloads of mobile games by women in the United States and Europe.

Many of the top mobile game publishers in China have also benefited from their strong representation of women in their products. Perhaps in this particular period, we can see more market potential when it comes to female gamers.