Teamfight Tactics Has Reached 33 Million Monthly Players

September 26, 2019
Teamfight Tactics Has Reached 33 Million Monthly Players

Riot Games announced that Teamfight Tactics (League of Legends Auto Chess), which debuted just a few months ago, hit 33 million monthly players.

The 33 million players have clocked in 1.725 billion hours in Teamfight Tactics and raised the peak concurrent players of League of Legends by an incredible 30%.

This makes League of Legends, a 10-year-old game, the largest PC game in the world with more than 8 million peak concurrent players every day.

To absolutely no one's surprise, Riot also announced that they will be increasing support for the game mode and that they will build a competitive scene for it in 2020. Teamfight Tactics now even has its own Twitter account, @TFT.

Teamfight Tactics will also be featured at TwitchCon this Saturday and at Riot’s All-Star Event later in December.

Riot had the following to say in the their post: “We’ve shipped a variety of game modes over the years, and Teamfight Tactics is the first one since ARAM to show the potential to be a huge, long-term addition to League. As a result of your continued excitement for the mode—as seen by the hours you spend playing, watching, and talking about it—we feel confident in really doubling down on TFT’s development.