System Shock 3 Developer Team Is “No Longer Employed”

February 10, 2020
System Shock 3 Developer Team Is “No Longer Employed”

Multiple senior developers have confirmed that the team developing System Shock 3 has been fired and that they’re no longer working with OtherSide Entertainment.

After a long and seemingly unsuccessful search for a publisher, there is nobody left working on System Shock 3. Most of the lead team has confirmed they have left OtherSide, and as reported by VGC, an anonymous developer claims that the project is being postponed indefinitely as there is nobody actually working on it.

Going back to last year, Starbreeze was the publisher for System Shock 3, but they ran into financial troubles and sold the rights back to OtherSide as a way to make back some of the money spent on it.

Since then, OtherSide ran on their own funds while looking for a new publisher, even considering publishing it themselves.

We got to see some of the game at GDC 2019, but since then the senior team is no longer a part of the team. Near the end of the year, a lot of concern was raised about the studio’s future.

There’s some more info from the anonymous source on RPG Codex and a lot of heated debate about System Shock 3.

All we can do is wish the best of luck to OtherSide and the developers moving on to new jobs. Until we get the final word on System Shock 3, the Remake is still in development by Nightdive.